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Thread: Call of Duty 4

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    Call of Duty 4

    Well, it seems that quite a few people play this game, so I thought we could start our own thread for it.

    I really like this game a lot. I'm big on military simulation for small-force teams, and this is amazing for it in terms of realism, and is the best shooting game since Rogue Spear for PC (to me).

    The game is very addicting, but I've managed to control myself and not play for more than an hour at a time. I have yet to miss a meal, skip the gym

    I play on PS3.
    Rank: 26
    Favorite Class: Silenced M4, Silenced USP, UAV Jammer, Conditioning, RPGs.
    Favorite Map: Crossfire - I can carry a losing team to victory in that one.
    Least Favorite Map: Pipeline

    Share you stuffs.
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    Re: Call of Duty 4

    This game is so good. I am fairly well addicted to it.
    I play PC version
    Rank: 55
    Favorite Class: M40 Sniper, Silenced M4, Iron lungs, Deep Impact
    Favorite Map: Crossfire and Wetwork
    Least Favorite: Downpour


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