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Thread: Newsbusted epidsode 145

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    Newsbusted epidsode 145

    Topics in today's show:

    --The New York Times suffers from low approval ratings

    --Protestors plan to demonstrate at the political party conventions

    --Hillary Clinton says Barack Obama doesn't have enough international experience

    --Jay Leno looking for job offers after he quits "Tonight Show."

    --Rihanna named cultural ambassador from her native Barbados

    The problem with socialism is that you eventually,
    run out of other people’s money.
    ” - Margaret Thatcher

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    Re: Newsbusted epidsode 145

    lol! they're right, i don't want hillary or obama answering the red phone either.
    it is mathematically impossible for either hummingbirds, or helicopters to fly. fortunately, neither are aware of this.


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