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Thread: Aerial Tour of NYC (Hudson southbound)

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    Aerial Tour of NYC (Hudson southbound)

    The weather was pretty nice this morning, so I decided to take my sister and stepdad out flying. We went down the Hudson river at 1,500 feet in the NY Bravo, took the South Shore route eastbound underneath JFK's airspace, then went to Westhampton (FOK) for breakfast before returning back to White Plains (HPN). The JFK controller working 119.10 I was talking to was great and was really moving traffic while giving me great service as always.

    Here's an MP3 clip from when we passed through JFK's airspace and then through ROBER sector. The other communications between our transmissions were edited out.

    Here are some pictures...enjoy!

    A few miles north of the George Washington Bridge (GWB).

    Manhattan off to the left with the Empire State building popping out of the skyline.

    The Holland Tunnel ventilation tower and the Statue of Liberty just beyond it.

    About to overfly Verazzano Narrows Bridge.

    Just adjacent to Breezy Point park.

    Just under 500 feet, flying VFR beneath the NY Bravo.

    JFK just 4nm to the north of us. They were departing 4R, so nothing really exciting overflew us.

    Islip (ISP) as we proceed on course to Westhampton (FOK).

    Short final 34 at HPN.
    Part 135 Dispatch

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    Re: Aerial Tour of NYC (Hudson southbound)

    Nice, Thanks for sharing...

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    Re: Aerial Tour of NYC (Hudson southbound)

    Thanks for posting that! Really enjoyable!


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