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Thread: Hooters Owl Crashes Macy's Thankgiving Parade

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    Hooters Owl Crashes Macy's Thankgiving Parade

    At the Thanksgiving Parade a few weeks back, I captured this hysterical scene... "Hootie" the Hooters Owl and a few Hooters girls literally crashing the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    Here are Hootie and the girls standing on the southeast corner of 57th and Broadway, about to make their move.

    After talking some obviously reluctant cops into letting them through (and handing them what looked to be coupons of some sort), Hootie and the girls march down Broadway!

    It didn't last long, though...they only got to march about halfway down the block before a Macy's parade staffer yelled at them and kicked them off the parade route.
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    Re: Hooters Owl Crashes Macy's Thankgiving Parade

    It was redonkulous. I mean.... WHO crashes the Macy's Parade?!?

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    Re: Hooters Owl Crashes Macy's Thankgiving Parade

    Haha, that is funny!
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