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Thread: Tips with Posting Thumbnails and Videos

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    Tips with Posting Thumbnails and Videos

    With our abilities to post thumbnails to and shots, as well as embedding videos from into posts, I want people to know how to properly do it all, as we see a few errors and "bugs" that we now have learned how to correct.

    We commonly see issues such as people using the "BBcode" with the proper links, hitting submit, and then the thumbnail or video not appearing. This is most often due to the link in the code not having a "www." before the site's domain name. Sometimes the link that you copy and paste from the source site (JP or YouTube, etc.) will not have the "www." in there, and you must type it in yourself. Please look at the following example:

    Another reason that the code sometimes does not grab has to do with spaces in between the link and the code at either end. There can be no spaces in between the two, as follows:

    Some of you have also seen threads with thumbnails (like the Recent Upload thread) that do not load fully, stopping at a thumbnail and nothing below that page coming up at all, freezing it. We seem to have found the error and fixed it (thank you Mark Lawrence and Matt). I don't think you'll be experiencing that anymore.

    There are still one or two more bugs that we're trying to figure out. We will work on and share with you our progress.

    We will also be creating a full tutorial page for people to learn how to do anything that this site allows. This, however, will not be up for a few months, pending the completion of other projects.

    Thanks for your patience. Please post any questions or issues that you have pertaining to this stuff.
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    Re: Problems/Tips with Posting Thumbnails and Videos

    Phil, I think the upload thread is having errors again, at least for me anyway.

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    Re: Problems/Tips with Posting Thumbnails and Videos

    Phil, I am having problems uploading pictures of Nekkid women, every half hour or so later....the post dissapears. Is this also one of the problems we are trying to fix. I am eagerly awaiting a resolution. :borat:
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