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Thread: Canon A720 help

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    Canon A720 help

    So I was just shopping for a camera for my parents and then saw a reviewer mentioning that A720's 6x zoom can be extended to 11x "with accessory": ... 6830120226

    Right now I have SD200 and whenever I come to spot with you guys, the pictures are pathetic with its 3x zoom. So I've been thinking about getting something better, but do not want to spend much since I won't be using it much here in Iowa :(. The question I have is if anyone knows where I can get this "accessory" to get 11x zoom.

    Tried google and could not come up with anything. Then tried Canon's site and found these accessories (on Supplies and Accessories tab): ... uppliesAct
    - 58mm Close-up Lens 250D
    - Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58G
    - Tele Converter TC-DC58N
    - Wide Converter WC-DC58N

    Now, that all sounds greek to me and they do not have any description of either... Would one of those (or a combination) give me the 11x?


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    Re: Canon A720 help

    The conversion lens adapter and the tele-converter should get you up to 11x, those Canon accessories are a bit pricey for what they are though. I suspect you could get a kit on eBay with more accessories for about $50-$75. This for example, includes a lens adapter, 2.2x telephoto and a .45x wide angle lens for about $70 including shipping. Not Canon lenses, but they're a good value for your purposes. ... dZViewItem
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    Re: Canon A720 help

    Have you considered the Canon SX100 IS? I saw it in the store when I was looking at DSLRs and it looked like a good pocket superzoom...10x zoom out of the box, and only a little bigger than the A series. Same sensor size, both 8 MP. It goes for about $250.


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