Hi folks,

I know this isnt New York City, but ESAM is a tidy museum, at Schenectady County Airport, upstate, and certainly worth the trip (and $6 to get in!)!

I stopped by yesterday enroute Newport RI to Griffiss, and logged the following:

Where visible I have the Squad and unit codes, I have also added notes so the adu info can be updated!


Air Force:
51-1620 F-84F marked 11620 121st Fighter Wing
56-1365 F-102 bare metal except 61365 marks
59-0413 F-101F marked 90413
62-0444 F-105G marked 2444
65-0626 F-4D marked 65626 Interceptor Group
75-0263 A-10
64-13513 UH-1H
65-09435 UH-1M

152935 A6E VFA176 501 USS Forrestal
155009 A4F VFC12 5
156621 RA5C
156730 T2C VT86 802
160411 F14A 201 USS John F Kennedy
160613 A7E VA46 306 USS John F Kennedy
162307 F5 VFC13 06

Polish AF:
605 Mig17F
2406 Mig21PF

Indian AF:
E615 Gnat In Red Arrows scheme, with no reg marks!

N38HC Cottingim Sonerai II 00191
N707Y Huntingdon Chum SN-1 reg NX707Y
N3834 S**** Sky Coupe SA7A P-328
N4089 Mooney M-18LA 128
N8482U Rensselar Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Glider
N33729 AERONCA 65-TC 9171T reg NC33729

I plan on going back when the windchill in the airpark isnt 17F!

Pictures can be found on my fotopic site under Wrecks and Relics!

All the best