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Thread: Made it to LGA ... finally

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    Made it to LGA ... finally

    Hi guys!

    I finally had a chance to do some spotting in NYC. My wife was in town for a conference - I tagged along and had Friday 9/28 (the day before kids day) to go and find some planes

    I decided to spend the day at LGA because it seemed much easier to get to good spots by public transport. I would have liked to make this post earlier but it took this long before I had time to give to the pictrues.

    I was hoping to get some AM shots of 22 arrivals, but they were running the expressway visual to 31 so off to shea stadium I went on the 7.

    The worlds's fair marina was great. It also gave me a new respect for you guys that get those bank shots! For me, the weather was marginal, I was there a little early in the day for 31 (had to leave around 2:30) and I was at the limit of my equipment.

    Most of my bank attempts and landing shots with the GWB in the background are at 100% crops.

    Here goes anyway!

    Nice light for AC

    Spirit with GWB

    A little crossing traffic

    And now for some sad attempts at banks!

    Overall I had a great time! Thanks to Phil and the folks at this site for the spotting maps!


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    Re: Made it to LGA ... finally

    Hey Dan, some nice shots there...I don't recall seeing too many from here with the GWB in the background.

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    Re: Made it to LGA ... finally

    Nice lighting on the DL 757 bank shot.
    Patrick O --- Staten Island, NY


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