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Thread: Spotting in FLL and MIA

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    Spotting in FLL and MIA

    Hi, I might have the chance to visit FLL and MIA in early Dec. So here are some questions to those who have done spotting there before:

    1. are there regular charter visitors to FLL during winter month? If so, when is the likely time of the day I will catch them? Does MIA get charter visitors?

    2. what can I expect as far as cargo carriers are concern for MIA. What time of the day am I likely to see cargo carriers? Here I don't mean the normal Fedex or UPS, but more exotic ones from South America. A

    Thanks in advance for your info.

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    Re: Spotting in FLL and MIA

    One charter that comes in regularly is XL Airways from the UK - they have a 737-800 that operates to and from Port of Spain - it usually arrives back at FLL at around 2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Air Transat is usually around for the winter months as well - they also arrived around lunch time as well. WestJet was operating a two flight a day schedule last winter - morning and afternoon. I'm not too sure when WestJet and Transat will start again. There have been rumors in the local media of a couple more European charter operators wanting to start for the winter, but nothing definate has come to light yet. If I hear more on the FLL schedule for charters, I'll post it here. MIA - can't comment unfortunately.
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