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Thread: Biz Trip to Miami

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    Biz Trip to Miami

    Went to Miami for a short business trip & took these pictures from the Airport Hilton which has a great view of the airport. Once again great views from the hotel, I was just laying down by the pool toss a few drinks when I noticed the planes landing & ran up to my room to fetch my camera :borat:

    These photos are untouched....

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    Re: Biz Trip to Miami

    hey, nice to finally see you implement what I've been saying all along

    Some kind spirits and some great aviation action :)
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    Re: Biz Trip to Miami

    I love the DC-10 and I just tried to smash the bug again Mike, thanks. :lol:
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    Re: Biz Trip to Miami

    Yeah, that bug has caught me off guard a couple of times. What lens did you use to get these shots, Mike? I'm wondering whether I would be able to get a full frame of say, that first DC-10 shot using a 400mm. Great shots by the way, and more incentive to finally visit Miami. 8)

    -Omar S.


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