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Thread: Continental Express E-145 emergency landing at EWR

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    Continental Express E-145 emergency landing at EWR

    Nothing too alarming but a Continental Express (Express jet) E-145 just made an emergency landing on 22L due to a a hydraulic promblem. It is currently now at the intersection of taxiway November/Papa while its being given a runway inspection. No contamination/spill of hyrdraulic fluid. Jetlink Flight #2043 was scheduled from Newark to Burlington, VT. I first learned about the promblem as I was listening to EWR Live ATC when the flight toke off 22R. When the flight contacted NY Departure, the pilot complained of a hydraulic problem. It was told to turn right toward the North and maintain 3,000ft and join into the approach pattern for EWR. From what I heard, the controller and pilots did a great job of being calm and cool. Both did a professinal job of handling the promblem. You really never know when this could happen. Good thing the flight landed safely and all passengers and crew are safe and sound.
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    Re: Continental Express E-145 emergency landing at EWR

    I am glad to hear it wasn't more serious.
    Great job to the flight crew and ATC on a job well done.
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