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Thread: NiMH batteries and chargers

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    NiMH batteries and chargers

    I've got two sets of AA-size NiMH batteries for my camera, but I lost my charger on my trip to Philly (where I didn't even get to spot because of the weather :evil:). The problem is, only B&H, which is closed the next four days due to the Jewish holiday, seems to carry the brand. I need to charge my batteries for this weekend; if I buy another brand NiMH charger, can I reasonably expect it to work?

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    Re: NiMH batteries and chargers

    As long as the charger is made for NiMH AAs. Another brand should work just fine. I have an AA charger that I have gotten a while back and have since charged batteries from various manufacturers (all AAs of course) without any issues.


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