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Thread: Cape Cod Airshow 8/25 (pics!)

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    Cape Cod Airshow 8/25 (pics!)

    I attended the Cape Cod Airshow this past Saturday. The weather was funky. Low clouds early - scubbing a few acts, then gradual clearing so at times there was an unrestricted ceiling.

    However, the Thunderbirds tried their act 3 times and just didn't have sufficient visibility and scrubbed - not even the flat show.

    Even so, I had a great time

    Here are some highlights:

    It was a good day for condensation - if you are into that sort of thing ...

    A high speed pass by the F-16

    The weather for the resident F-15s was good enough only for ILS passes - but they were at least able to form up

    I loved the C-17 demo

    B-2 fly by

    Too sunny for the Corsair pilot while he waited his turn

    What is an airshow without a jet truck these days

    Heritage flight

    There were also some nice non-jet acts

    The T-birds had some fun with the crowd on the way out

    They even got to fly a little

    Anyway, thanks for looking - I just wanted to share the experience with some fellow enthusiasts


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    Re: Cape Cod Airshow 8/25 (pics!)

    Nice shots! That B-2 is looking pretty good.
    Patrick O --- Staten Island, NY

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    Re: Cape Cod Airshow 8/25 (pics!)

    Dan, great stuff! Thanks for sharing.


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