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Thread: JFK Spotting Help for Friday 8/31

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    JFK Spotting Help for Friday 8/31

    Hello All,
    I've just recently become a member of the NYC Aviation site and was hoping someone out there could help me with spotting locations for JFK. I'm thinking of making my first spotting trip out to JFK this Friday 8/31 in for the late morning/early afternoon. My goal is to get shots of widebody aircraft (mainly 777,747,345/6)...but don't know what the ideal location for this would be. Many members in this forum have gotten the exact types of photos i'm referring was hoping you could provide some insight based on those experiences.

    Is 'the mounds' the best place to be to get 22L & 13L intl arrivals? Any chance of getting pics of departures (13R) from that location?

    Would appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks!

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    Re: JFK Spotting Help for Friday 8/31

    The mounds are for 22R arrivals late in the afternoon, very late in the afternoon. Check the spotting maps on the homepage. You're best bet would be to go out early in the morning or late in the afternoon for the best traffic.

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    Re: JFK Spotting Help for Friday 8/31

    Friday is not looking so good right now weather-wise, but that may change.

    The Mounds is only good for 22L arrivals (and the seldom 22R arrival). You will barely see 13L arrivals with your eyes, and you certainly will not be able to get any 13L shots from the Mounds. The arrival cluster is mainly from 3PM-7:00PM.

    For other info, as Tommy said, check the map and feel free to ask us what other questions you have.
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