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Thread: A Few 31L Take Off Photos

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    A Few 31L Take Off Photos

    Hi everyone,
    A little over a month ago I left for a stage lighting internship out in Steamboat Springs, CO. I flew JFK-PHX-DEN (I'm not one for direct flights ) on US/AWA and the flights were normal and uneventful. For the takeoff from JFK on 31L, I got treated to some nice views, a few of which I thought I would share.

    I'm off to LA next week then up to Oregon for some family stuff and then going back home in mid-August.

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    Re: A Few 31L Take Off Photos

    Will, that double JAL action is wonderful! I think that's the nicest shot I've seen from you...and that's sayin' something, cuz due to my work with ANA, I will forever be an ANA fan and JAL hater :P

    Congratulations on some very impressive work.

    - jMay
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