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Does not look like a place that I would probably find appealing. Have you seen an airplane bigger than a caravan or a super husky the whole time you have been there? Coll shots though I wll say. Just not my bowl of cherries.
Montana and the other western states are fantastic places to spend time in. I was lucky enough when I was in college to spend the summers out in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. Similar to Stuart we'd work in various places mainly for some spending money and room and board. Its a great place to simply get lost in the landscape and reflect. Don't judge it if you haven't seen it.[/quote:a23e1]

i agree with that. camping in utah, colorado and arizona was my favourite way to get away from school when i lived in az. usually, if i had a weekend pass i'd meet up with a few buddies and set up camp. i spent two separate spring breaks in utah, the first in canyonlands and the second in moab. those really were great times!