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Thread: "Do Nothing Congress"

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    "Do Nothing Congress"

    Found this interesting little fact about how hard Congress is working right now.

    The 110th Congress has passed 71 bills thus far. 31 of those bills have been signed into law. Of the 31, 17 were to rename federal properties.

    (The 71 bills passed, have not all passed both houses, or have not all yet been signed by the President. He has not actually vetoed anything but stem cells)

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    President Bush also Vetoed the Iraq war spending bill. (The 1st stem bill was vetoed last year)

    Now saying that, the Democratic Leadership has been found wanting in the leadership role, their plan of attack to get things is, terrible.

    They sent the Stem cell bill to the President knowing that he would vetoe, it was almost the same exact bill that the President vetoed last year, so much for creativity.

    The Iraq spending bill was another bad bill, it gave the President an out to vetoe the bill by saying that there was 20 billion dollars of pork in the bill.

    The Democratics in congress have to wake up & realize that they are in charge of congress & are no longer in the minority, meaning, there bills to get attention are worthless & are only going to piss the voters off.

    Democrats were voted in to get the country out of the war & they have not even come close to doing that, no wonder the Democratic voters are screaming bloody murder.
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