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Thread: JFK-RSW 4/12/07-4/16/07 supposed to be(4/15/07)

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    JFK-RSW 4/12/07-4/16/07 supposed to be(4/15/07)

    My Jetblue Flight 857 A320 was delayed 2 hours so i went outside Terminal 6 to catch some shots.

    This is where in 10 years i hope to be working in: ... er/202.jpg

    First shot of T6; ... er/203.jpg

    Construction of T5: ... er/204.jpg ... er/205.jpg

    T6 ... er/206.jpg

    Cargo air lines? ... er/207.jpg ... er/210.jpg

    T5 again ... er/208.jpg

    T4 ramp (El Al 777, Air India 747-400, Singapore Airlines 747-400, Emirates A340 and in the distance Delta 767-300ER) ... er/209.jpg

    T6 gates ... er/211.jpg

    sun came out while im in the plane expecting 4L departure. ... er/212.jpg

    A320 wing ... er/213.jpg

    pushed back facing 31R, i noticed a Jetblue A320 land there so i was excited to depart on 31L ... er/216.jpg

    on 31L ... er/217.jpg

    Hobe depature, Canairse climb, Breezy point climb, my favorite plane spooting place ... er/218.jpg ... er/219.jpg

    cruising at around 13,000 feet over NJ ... er/220.jpg

    My plane departing was named Idlewind Blue and was suppose to be the same coming back but it was cancelled so i took another flight on Monday on the famous Whole lotta blue. Jetblue was a great airline and the tv's make you think of something else then the flight :D
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    I think the cargo you saw there is the one that I saw when I was last in New York - it's reg is 4X-ECM
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