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Thread: Twin jet scare at Delhi airport

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    Twin jet scare at Delhi airport

    All 169 passengers on the Shanghai-Bangkok-Delhi flight AI-349 disembarked safely [EPA]

    Two Air India aeroplanes have made emergency landings at New Delhi's international airport, with the nose of one aircraft later hitting the ground as its front undercarriage collapsed while being towed away.

    No one was hurt in either incident on Monday, officials said.

    Flights were delayed for several hours after the first jet, an Airbus A310 flying from Shanghai and Bangkok, made the emergency landing around 7am (01:30 GMT) following problems with its landing gear.

    The passengers disembarked safely on to the runway, but as the aircraft was being towed away its front wheel collapsed, leaving its tail jutting out upwards on to the runway.

    Technical failure

    The second emergency landing was of an Air India Boeing 767, which took place at 3:15pm (09:45 GMT).

    The pilot reported a technical fault and landed the aeroplane with 54 passengers on board safely after at least two attempts, an Air India official said.

    Television channels reported that the pilot received a warning about a problem with the aeroplane's undercarriage. The Air India official said a "defective instrument panel" led to the incident.

    Air India has a fleet of 48 aeroplanes, some of which are about 20 years old. Last year, India's national carrier ordered 68 Boeing aircraft, including the latest 787s as well as long-range 777s. ... A22428.htm

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    Air India fly's the 767? News to me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hiss srq
    Air India fly's the 767? News to me...
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