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Thread: Collins: Why this scientist believes in God

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    Collins: Why this scientist believes in God

    I found this article on Francis Collins, a key researcher on the human genome project and a believer in God, motivational and true to my own search for meaning in my life as I too asked and ultimately found the answers to the fundamental questions, "Why am I here?" "What is the meaning of life?"

    I have long admired Mr. Collins for his work on the human genome project and I had no idea that he was a believer in God. I have a similar life experience focusing on science and mathematics as the foundation of my belief system and I identify with Mr. Collins that this just wasn't enough.

    Here is the article: ... index.html

    In the midst of Holy Week and Easter and the spiritual reflection one may enter into during this time, I wonder how many can share their experience and views on the existence of God?

    Happy Easter!

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    I grew up Roman Catholic, and though I still believe inJesus and of a higher being, I have my own modified version of it, as I've found unfortuante contradictions in my church.

    With that, I do believe that Catholicism and other forms of religion can co-exist with science. I just think the timeline in the bible is a little off, as are various other detail in the religion.

    Collins and his views seem pretty solid and interesting.
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