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Thread: Ultra Long Haul flights -- Your personal impressions please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-Bird76
    Quote Originally Posted by Winglets747
    talk to other pax
    Reason number one why I use noise cancelling headphones or what I call "don't bother me headphones."
    I meant talking to people (who want to talk ) in the galley or other areas not too filled with pax.
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    Great answers folks, you've confirmed alot of what I suspected.

    The reason I asked the question is I might be doing the 'nonstop to AUH' (EY has a really good biz fare at the moment). Every time I've gone to the Gulf before, I've connected through Europe, in fact until recently there was no alternative. Personally, I found the chance to get up, walk through Heathrow, and maybe visit a lounge or shop enough of a break to make the next 7 hour flight more bearable.

    I think it sounds like the key to ULR flying as a pax is the ability to sleep soundly on planes (which I don't have, flat bed or not) and ideally to have a travel companion to talk to (which I also don't have - I'm just another single guy flying with a laptop). I know myself and even the 10 hour return to JFK from FCO a couple of years ago had me climbing the walls, and this was AZ's then-new 777 with IFE. I start to get bored around the 8 hour mark if alone, and I don't mind socializing on flights, but (as someone pointed out) most other pax don't want to talk to you, and the cabin crew certainly doesn't want to talk to you.

    It's TMI for you guys but I am working on getting an old friend whose dad works in the UAE to come along with me if I do the nonstop, somebody to talk to, but she's a smoker and will probably be less able to deal than me. She's also a woman and since this is a bit of a boys club here, I'll also mention that she changes her mind every 30 seconds and probably won't even go. So I guess I'm flying via Europe (and paying more for the option)...

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    I'm prepping for JFK-IAD-ICN and ICN-JFK in May on Korean Air in economy. Not looking forward to it. I will take all of this advice
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    Did JFK-DXB last summer which was about 13 hours. Didn't sleep a wink, didn't even try. I'm not good with sleeping on anything other than a bed. I was glued to Emirates's inflight entertainment the whole time. That and their underbody and nose cameras. So cool to be able to see the sun rise from FL310. Honestly the time just flew by, no pun intended. I'm definetly a fan of ULH flights. I'd much rather get there as soon as possible rather than lounge aimlessly around at some stopover. The A340 is very long so ample opportunity to take a stroll :)

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    Most of my long hauls have been on Northwest's 747-451's. I've taken them a once or twice from JFK-NRT which is about 14 hours. I usually take DTW-KIX which is about the same time, but head to DTW via EWR. I've also taken AA's 777-223ER once from JFK to NRT.

    My own tips for long hauls: Just relaxing makes you feel surprisingly better. Watch a movie, read the magazine, and take advantage of the amenities your airline offers. I usually try to get some sleep, but it usually isn't very deep. I've found though, that even light "combat naps" help me greatly.


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