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Thread: Need help about airports above NYC area, any experience ?

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    Need help about airports above NYC area, any experience ?

    Hello all !

    Still planning a trip next summer in the New York - Montreal areas. Can somebody gives some clues about (airliner) traffic and photo opportunities at the places below ? Many thanks !

    - Westchester County
    - Stewart Int.
    - Albany
    - Burlington International
    - Hartford

    Boston seems very difficult as for photography.

    Did i missed places of interest in this area ?

    Many thanks for your clues ! ;-)

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    Stewart is a great airport for spotting.

    In terms of commercial traffic:

    jet Blue to MCO, FLL, and PBI
    Air Tran to MCO, FLL, ATL, and TPA
    Northwest Airlink to DTW
    American Eagle to ORD
    US Airways Express to PHL
    Delta Connection to ATL

    But with the military base located at the airport you are bound to see some C-5s doing touch and gos.

    In the summer the airport also gets a lot of diversions from JFK, EWR, and LGA and you can get pretty close to those.

    PM me if you'd like some more specific details about locations.

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    Albany's pretty accessible - they have a viewing park right alongside the runway. I haven't been spotting there yet, but I flew out of there on Thursday, and will be flying home next week.

    Traffic-wise, you'll see a lot of Southwest. Northwest DC-9's, US Airways 737s, and a bevy of their commuter a/c (I'm flying out on an E170 and back in on a Dash 8 ). Albany is Dash 8 heaven thanks to US and Delta Connection. United operates a 737, plus a CRJ700 Continental flies B1900Ds and ERJs. American Eagle has the ERJs, Delta used to fly 732s but I think they downgraded to CRJs recently. FedEx flies their 727s in...the largest scheduled a/c is a UPS 757...although diversions do happen, and to my knowledge there was a CO 777 here last summer.

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    Around here and near there.
    BTV is fairly basic it is mostly express runs for the carriers that serve it and BDL has a ton of intresting traffic beleive it or not. I can tell you from first had experince that the Antonov comes in alot to pick up helecopters and there is a little widebody action to be had besides that as well.
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    Well, I know a thing or 2 about ALB. I seem to be the resident photographer there these days. The biggest plus is access. The airport has outgrown it's humble beginings and they keep having to buy private property to expand the runways. This makes for dead end streets at many locations along the runways. I've got good spots for every landing direction/time of day. The minus is traffic. Mostly RJs and 737s with a few others thrown in the mix. However, since I only live a few miles away, it's the best thing I have going.

    If you want details on where to go at ALB, just let me know.

    Good luck!

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    Westchester has a good selection of biz, along with the usual express carriers, plus Jet Blue and AirTran mainline.

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    Thanks for these first comments, it is interesting and very helpful !

    I hope to have some more news about aviatioon photography around and above NYC area, and will maybe contact some of you to go deeper in the investigations ! ;-)

    Thanks again !

    [email protected]


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