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Thread: I Lost My Virginity...

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    I Lost My Virginity...

    with flying. Haha

    Last night, N26LR popped my cherry as my CFI, Adam Wright from DAB, and myself took her off from MCO, flew north to ORL, did two touch and goes on runway 25 and then swung her back southwest, then southeast to pull a tight 1 mile final for runway 18L at MCO. What a rush! This was the first time I ever had been at the controls. I performed the takeoff from MCO, the first touch and go at ORL, the second touch and go's landing, Adam did the takeoff on the 2nd touch and go, and I started to do the landing at MCO but Adam kinda took over because we were landing head on with a NWA 752 and had to get on the ground and off the runway quickly. We were landing 18L, they were landing 36R. Sounds crazy but at midnight, MCO tower does some crazy things. I had so much fun. I never thought I'd get so much enjoyment out of a cessna but when I applied that throttle, got her to 60 knots and pulled back and lifted off the ground, what a sensation!!! And pulling a short final at ORL, turning hard and low then leveling out to see this perfectly centered approach to this bright runway, what a thril. I'm hooked now. I can't wait to go back up again. I just wanted to share this experience with you all. I'm sure many of you have had the same feelings. It's awesome. I'll add some pics later once I get them off my camera.

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    Congraulations! Nothing beats the thrill of flight (well, except maybe the thrill of landing safely again afterwards ) Good luck, and fly safe!

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    Ha ha ha Idle are you ready to go up and do some above average flying yet?
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    Hey thats awesome Adam took you up!

    I personally know him and met him when he swung through carbondale, great guy.

    I havent piloted a plane in a long while, it is fun isn't it?!

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