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Thread: "An Inconvenient Truth"

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    Regarding the clips you posted, as with any controversial topic...there are going to be "fact-based" articles and "fact-bashing" comebacks to those articles going both ways from both sides forever. It's like the "Loose Change" 9/11 video. Just because they back it up with "facts" doesn't mean they're 100% true....yet just because one thing might be exagerrated, doesn't mean the rest is total bull**** either.

    The fact remains that we can all live HEALTHIER more sustainable lifestyles by changing little things that we do everyday - easy things. I find it slightly frustrating that until Omar not one person even acknowledged the websites that I posted for information. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

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    there's a picture of a Tupolev smoking in. Classic!

    OMG, great eye Omar! That is funny!

    I will ask my dads permission to release the report to you guys, but I can't promise anything because it technically belongs to MIT now.I will ask my dads permission to release the report to you guys, but I can't promise anything because it technically belongs to MIT now. Why wouldn't MIT make this research public?

    Look at last years winter, that was one of the worst (at least out in Michigan) Are you kidding me? You are basing the winter of one state versus an entire planet?

    Speaking of mild winters, Al Gore last year gave a speech on Global Warming on the coldest day recorded in 10 years Again, you are talking about a singular day? What would you have said he given the speech on the warmest day of the year? That he arranged it? You must really have it in for Gore ;)

    pure and simple, Al Gore is full of Horse Sh*t.

    Sounds like you don't like the guy :roll: But the movie shows the data right there. Now, there are lies, damned lies and there are statistics, but the movie was reminder for us...which leads me to...

    more specifically Iran blowing up half the US with a nuclear weapon where the fallout kills all plant and animal life in the Continental US. Vs. something that I believe (and have the proof to back it up) is made up

    That...that is not real. Look at our military. You're worried? We have it under control.

    But do me a favor. I need your father to explain this to me. If this is just a little cycle, then could he please explain this. The ice shelves at the Arctic and Antartica are breaking off and melting into the sea. And the glaciers are melting. But this is a cycle you say. So how would that reverse itself? Do the ice shelves magically refreeze? And the glaciers reconstitute themselves?

    Better yet, I would love to meet your father and have him explain the inadequacies in the film. Perhaps you could arrange a conference call?
    I'm not at all being sarcastic. I'd love to learn more about this.

    Lastly, heck if Iran does nuke us....lets ask them to nuke over the poles too. Would that set off a nuclear winter and simply reserve this whole warning thing?

    Always look at the bright side of life ;)
    And I, I took the path less traveled by
    and that has made all the difference......yet...
    I have a feeling a handle of people are going to be very interested in what I post in the near future.

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    Global Warming? Fact is, we do not understand it, not completely. Yet, the propaganda behind the Al Gore would have you believe that Man is responsibile for the evils of Global Warming.

    Here is a link that talks about the Al Gore movie: ... 9b1b3542ef

    In fact, the correlation between CO2 and temperature that Gore speaks about so confidently is simply non-existent over all meaningful time scales. U of O climate researcher Professor Jan Veizer demonstrated that, over geologic time, the two are not linked at all. Over the intermediate time scales Gore focuses on, the ice cores show that CO2 increases don't precede, and therefore don't cause, warming. Rather, they follow temperature rise -- by as much as 800 years. Even in the past century, the correlation is poor; the planet actually cooled between 1940 and 1980, when human emissions of CO2 were rising at the fastest rate in our history.

    Al Gore has ignored or neglected to inform people of other possible reasons behind Global Warming.

    Earth's magnetic field fading ... index.html
    Over the southern Atlantic Ocean, a continued weakening of the magnetic field has diminished the shielding effect it has locally in protecting the Earth from the natural radiation that bombards our planet from space, scientists said.
    Also, the Sun is expanding & the temp. of the planet will increase everyday, no matter what we do.

    Now, more research is needed & I would love for us to reduced pollution, but, this has nothing to do with the cause of Global Warming.
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