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Thread: $25 to watch Dreamgirls early in New York

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    $25 to watch Dreamgirls early in New York

    Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

    How much is too much to go see a movie?
    For hundreds of people lining up outside the Ziegfeld Theater this week, the answer must lie somewhere above $25 - because that's what they're willing to pay to see "Dreamgirls."

    When the critically acclaimed movie opens Friday, the Ziegfeld will enjoy an exclusive 10-day run before it has a wide release Christmas Day.

    The first two days already are sold out, and the $25 tickets are going fast for other days.

    "I'm a big fan of musicals. I decided, 'Why not?'" said Angelo Cilia, 36, of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, who paid $125 for five tickets to opening night.

    The cost of admission may be more than double the cost of a normal $11 ticket to the movies - but it comes with bragging rights for being the first to see Beyoncé and her silver-throated sidekicks on the big screen.

    It also comes with a 42-page, limited-edition collectors glossy program about the DreamWorks movie.

    The film, based on a Broadway musical about a 1960s soul group's path to stardom, also stars Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy, and has gotten rave reviews. Jennifer Hudson from "American Idol" and Tony-award winner Anika Noni Rose complete Beyoncé's star-studded songbird trio.

    "It's supposed to be the best film of the year," said Howard Goldberg, a businessman from Hell's Kitchen. "I would pay $25 dollars for this."

    But skeptics called the "Dreamgirls" hype a sheer nightmare.

    "Movies are already expensive," groused Brittni Galindo, 18, a college student from California. "I think the price is a bit much."

    Then again, it could be the vehicle for a dream date: Add in two buckets of popcorn and sodas, subway fare and a $29.95 souvenir book and you're talking about dropping $100.
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    I don't see where the hype for this movie is suddenly coming from. The story looks like nothing very special.
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    I'm gonna go on a riff here--movie tickets are so darn expensive!! The last movie I saw in the city was Snakes on a Plane at the movies by the WTC, and the ticket was $11! At noon on a Saturday! I saw Borat in Fayetteville, NC and it was much cheaper, but still $8 dollars!! Movies are waaaay too expensive. In addition, you pay to see commercials!

    Here's how Borat went (proposed start time 7:45)
    7:45--dumb commercials
    7:55--dumb commercials finally end--previews start
    8:15--dumb previews end, stupid subliminal movie theater ad that tells you to turn off cell phones and buy $8 popcorn begins
    8:16--the dumb ad ends, and 2 more previews!!!!!
    8:25--Borat finally begins.

    They need to have 2 times: start time and ACTUAL start time. And I hate how no one turns off their cell phones. No matter what or where, I always hear 3 phones (at least) go off.

    Sorry for the rant/partial hijack.
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