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Thread: Any other skiers or snowboarders here?

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    Any other skiers or snowboarders here?

    I was looking to take a one day trip snowboarding trip next week but the wx where we planned to go does not look great.

    I've only snowboarded twice and loved it. Spent the last six months shaping up and looking forward to going a few times this year.

    Is anyone else into the sport?
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    Yea, I am! All I live for during the winter is skiing! I just got back from Keystone (a resort mountain in Colorado) a few minutes ago. It was such a nice day, with highs in the 30s and a ton of snow in the past several weeks. In fact, this has been the best early season snow in Colorado for some years! I've only been up 4 times this year so far though (Breckenridge and Arapahoe Basin being the other two resorts I've been to). I'm hoping to go up close to 20 times this year though, but we'll see if that happens...

    I'm a skier though. I've done both boarding and skiing, and I find skiing to be a lot more challenging and just a lot more fun in general. I bought a new pair Rossi Scratchs (twin-tip skis) this winter, which has made a huge difference especially with balance and stuff off of jumps and in the park and while skiing backwards.


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