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Thread: NYPD Shooting Near AirTrain

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    The only track record I see is someone who jumps to conclusions and name calls. :roll:
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    Quote Originally Posted by hiss srq
    Many of the previous shootings of innocent people or the Abner Louima case are great examples Phil. They are gleaming examples and this as well. I do not take away the fact that on occasion you find a good cop. Or the cop in Brooklyn who shot another off duty at White Castile after the off duty tried to show his badge.
    Abner Louima - The opposite of you, I see it as a case of finding some bad cops in a majority of good ones. Those guys WERE animals, and in that case, the law did the right thing.

    As for the White Castle shooting, the officer was drunken AND just got the **** beat out of him while waving a gun.

    Try thinking about ANY of these situaitons (save for Louima) fromt he position of the cop.

    You show up to White Castle nad see someone acting like a loon waving a gun....then in your direction. What do you really expect the cop to do?

    You have reason to believe a group of men in a car have a gun. You approach them, identify yourself as a officer (whether you know if they heardit ornot) and the next thing you know is they hit you with a car, ram a cop van and rev up to hit you again. Do you just stand there doing nothing? (The 50 shots aspect is alot, like I said, but that would only point out the one detective who fired 31 shots on his own as maybe being a bad apple).

    I'll even throw in Amadou Diallo for you. Four officers approach a man in a dark vestibule, and he reaches in his pocket. As this is happening one of the officers falls backwards off one of the steps, giving youthe impression that he was shot. One officer fires, others join him, a second officer happens to fall and you think the man int he dark is still firing at cops.. Bullets that bounce off the door and building are bouncing near yoru feet....making you still think that he is firing at you. All of that in the matter of less than 10 seconds.

    Honestly, not even to prove you wrong, but do you think that if you were the officers in any of those situations that you either would not have felt your life was in grave danger or that you would have been able to stay onthe right side of the judgement call? That would be QUITE a risk to take otherwise.

    I would not take a chance in either situation. If I was the plainclothed officer....I'd have fired. If I was the approaching officer at White Castle... I'd have had no choice but to fire.

    Unfortunately, those incidents ended in tragedy. Your implications make it seem as thought he cops jsut felt liek shooting people and really don't care in the least. Do you think that the 5 officers involved in the shooting the other don't feel horrible? Do you think the 4 officers in the Diallo shooting don't think about that every day? (I happen to know one of them).

    Honestly. Take a fair second and put yourself in their shoes. Of what they go through every day. Think about the undercover officer that was hit by the car. He's working undercover in a not-so-great neighborhood. He thinks about his fellow officers that we discovered to be cops a couple years ago by some criminals who dragged both cops out of the car and shot them execution style and left them to die on a street corner. That's in his head, talk about a gun among these guys, the scene looking like it's going to turn into a drive by....then an Altima hits you.

    Really. Put yourself in their shoes.
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    Not sure which account you guys read, but today's Post had a more detailed story, albeit from unidentified sources. Of course the details in stories like this are never 100% correct, but we do get a better idea of what might have happened. Here's the Cliff's Notes version...

    -- Two undercovers were in the club looking to bust hookers.

    -- One of them sat next to a girl he thought was going to solicit him, when she started talking to a large man about a fight she had with a group of guys earlier in the evening, apparently Sean Bell's bachelor party.

    -- The burly guy placed the girl's hand on his waist saying "That's what I'm here for", and the cop saw a handgun in the guy's waistband.

    -- Probably thinking that a gun bust would be better than a hooker bust, the cop went outside to radio his backup about the man inside with the gun.

    -- While the undercover was outside, the man with the gun, the suspected hooker and Bell's group left the club and began arguing loudly outside.

    -- Suspected hooker was overheard saying "I'm not doing you all. I'll do one or two, but not all."

    -- Member of Bell's group was heard saying "Let's get my gun from the car. Yea, we're gonna f--- him up!"

    -- Fearing a gunfight, undercover urgently calls for backup and follows Bell's group to the car. When they get in, undercover stands in front of the car screaming that he's a cop. Bell hits the gas and strikes the cop, badly cutting his knee.

    -- One of the passengers, who may have had a gun, jumps out of the backseat and runs away.

    -- Officers in two vehicles pull up and box Bell's car in. Bell tries to drive through a police van, and crashes into a steel gate on an adjacent building.

    -- Bell revs toward the undercover again, prompting the cop to yell "He's got a gun!" and start firing.

    -- The other cops, thinking they're under attack, fire also.
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    All I can say is I trust the NYPD over that moronic clown, Al Sharpton, any day. I absolutely despise that bafoon. He does so much damage to race relations than anyone else. It's like he's going out of his way to start a race war.

    By the way, where the hell was Sharpton when those two black undercover cops were killed three years ago in Staten Island? I didn't see him standing for their rights. He's the biggest hypocrite out there.


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