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Thread: Books Written by NYCA Members

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiss srq
    "The Wind Factor" by Justin Idle
    I'm sorry Ryan that book ws written by Aeolus..the greek god of wind...o wait that is Justin...nvm.

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    no i was quoteing PHL above on that one. LOL I do not think they know about Aeolus though.
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    "A million things to take pictures of", By Fred Miller.

    "Talking with your hands", By Mario J. Craig.

    "Big men of aviation photography", By Nick Vollaro

    "Subway gymnastics", By Phil Derner Jr.

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    Good god!

    ok how aboute..


    by Tammi Alphanoe

    Ah, yes, I see my publication is well read and doing quite well.

    "Technical Prowess" by Tom Turner

    "Italian Sports Drama" by Nick Vollaro

    "****boxes: the story of the BAe 146" by Montague Smith ;)

    "Footwear for Spotting" by Highheels
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