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Thread: Blackout Prevention Strategy Plan F: Free Beaches

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    Blackout Prevention Strategy Plan F: Free Beaches

    I can't help but read between the lines on this one and imagine that they're expecting the worst for our power grid as heat indices climb to 115 by Wednesday.

    Fees Waived At State Park Beaches
    (CBS) NEW YORK With temperatures expected to reach close to 100 degrees, Governor Pataki announced that several State Park beaches will waive their fees on Tuesday, August 1 and Wednesday, August 2.

    "High temperatures can have a dramatic effect on people's daily lives and health so we encourage individuals and families to stay cool by visiting one of New York's wonderful State Parks, free-of-charge," the governor said. "By waiving admission fees to these waterfront parks and beaches, and implementing a variety of energy-saving strategies, we can beat the heat in a safe manner. And as always, we ask all New Yorkers to look out for their friends, family, and neighbors, especially elderly individuals and others who face higher risks in hot weather."

    The following State Park beaches will have their fees waived from August 1 to August 2:

    - Jones Beach State Park
    - Robert Moses State Park
    - Hither Hills State Park
    - Sunken Meadow State Park
    - Heckscher State Park
    - Orient Beach State Park
    - Wildwood State Park
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    The last heat wave this season our building was asked by Suffolk County to switch off of the normal power grid and run on backup generator to help conserve power. I'm sure the next few days are going to see some big strains on the power grid. However I'm sure the press, gov't, and some local wacko watch dog groups will make a big fuss over it, but the lights will remain on.


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