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Thread: Australian sex workers complain of Asian competition

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    Australian sex workers complain of Asian competition

    Fri Jul 14, 3:38 AM ET
    Australian sex workers are feeling the pinch of Asian competition, the national news agency reports.

    Brothel owner Mary-Anne Kenworthy said cut-price Asian sex workers are flooding the Australian market, stealing the "bread and butter" from the more expensive local prostitutes.

    The madam, from the West Australian city of Perth, told the Australian Associated Press she had spent thousands of dollars investigating Asian women who listed their sexual services in local newspapers.

    She found hundreds of them working out of illegal suburban brothels for half the going hourly rate of 250 dollars (188 US).

    "Most of these aren't being run as businesses, they are just a complete cash economy," she said, adding that the majority of these prostitutes were working illegally on tourist and student visas.

    "And I think that is unfair. We're doing the right thing, paying our taxes. It costs me 50,000 dollars a year for special checks on everything to make sure my property is safe and above-board.

    "They are stealing the bread and butter of Australian sex workers."

    Kenworthy said some of the women travelled to Australia, worked every day for six months and then returned home to live comfortably on the proceeds for several years.
    Oh goodness, sex everyday for 6 months, can you say, "stink"
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