Wow, Senator Lieberman is facing a full force assault from his own Democrats, & the headline from MSNBC is not very flattering. This is the former Democratic Vice President and now he is left standing alone. As for this guy, Ned Lamont, he is not very experienced, and after quotes like this, I hope the voters realize this as well:

Question to Ned Lamont, Are you advocating pulling out of Iraq?
Iím advocating taking our very front line troops out of the Sunni triangle, out of harmís way. Reinforcing the fact that weíve got to take an American face off of this occupation. Only the Iraqis can solve this. They can solve it politically. Weíre not going to be able to impose this at the barrel of a gun. And yes, we start bringing our troops home.

July 6, 2006 - Joe Lieberman says heís running for reelection as a Democratóno matter what anybody else thinks. After three terms representing Connecticut in the Senate, the former vice presidential candidate is fighting off a tough challenge from Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont. Liebermanís main vulnerability: steadfast support for the war in Iraq. In a state that is increasingly disdainful of the Bush administrationís Iraq policy, Lieberman is hitting the trail hard to remind primary voters there are other issues besides the war.