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Thread: Peter Luger, Brooklyn, NY vs other steakhouses in the USA

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    Peter Luger, Brooklyn, NY vs other steakhouses in the USA

    hey, I am finally going to Peter Luger in Brooklyn tomorrow.

    So, is it actually good steak or is it just hype???

    Tomorrow I'll know for sure, but we were just wondering who has been there and what you thought
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    My brother said the steak is extremely tasty, but him (and myself) will always be bigger J&R steakhouse fans. Their skirt steak cannot be messed with. The long drive out to stony brook is worth it.

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    J&R Steakhouse??? That place blows!!! The steak still has marks from the where the jockey hit it! Shula's 365 is where its at!!! Or Tellers on the Island.

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    i'm torn between luger's in BK and smauley's bbq in SNS... at least i now know the best on each coast....

    wtf is tri-tip anyway?
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