just back from another sunrise constitutional at yon local lake,I will jot down a few quick words before the bambina awakens, .....earlier this week we found ourselves in low earth orbit over a sleeping planet,enshrouded in clouds, it was 0445, and we were at fl 360,pulling a silent contrail 'neath the moon,stars, and planets, it was the start of a beautiful days flying,that covered the eastern seaboard from Ft.Walton Beach,Fla., to Norfolk,Va. ,with even a little bit of Jersey thrown in. An RAF VC-10 was spotted minding its own business on a secluded ramp in Wrightstown,NJ,and a retro schemed World MD-11 was seen just basking in the sun hard by Norfolk,Va. (note to World ,repaint the whole fleet).A canary ,sunburst yellow DHL DC-8-73F was also spotted close by,proving the theorem that retro jets rule. The rest of the day was spent taking off, and landing,climbing,and descending, making copious amounts of black smoke, and otherwise enjoying life, loving the Boeing, and making long ,white streaks in the sky. Cheers all, and Godspeed !