Just put my daughter Hannah to bed, after that last midnight feeding, I have a few minutes of uninterrupted time so here goes, I have been on the sky road the last six days, some interesting trips, starting with DAL-LAX, a few days back ,and we happy few,we band of brothers, blasting off,and up,and away just 20 minutes in advance of a line of level 5,and 6 Death Stars,that were scything their way thru the greater Dallas metroplex, bringing,wind,rain,hail, and some truly impressive bolts of lightning, we strove mightily to avoid the aforementioned wx, flying a good 70 miles east/northeast of DAL before turning west,and on course for LAX. St.Elmo's fire did its merry pyro kinetic dance on our windscreens,till we left the storms below,and behind, and found clear,ink black sky near El Paso. Quick overnite in LA, wake at 0630,and watch Wuala Dreaming,that magnificent Qantas 744 ,alight on 25R. Next trip,PHL-BUF,a day later, hand fly our good ship most of the way to Buffalo,just because, get to land on the short (6000 ft) runway ,because the big one is closed(Construction),great fun, pretend its a carrier, try to snag the 3 wire. Lots of good DC-3,Convair 340 frozen freight dog memories at BUF, with many a winter battle waged there,God's grace all successfully or at least to a tie. Last trip yesterday,a maintenance ferry from Minnesota to VQQ,Cecil Field hard by JAX,for a heavy check for one of our 727s. Late night flight,and arrival into sleeping Cecil, parked next to a yellow DHL 727 awaiting a heavy check,got home today, a good weeks flying behind me,time to tend to my wife,daughter, and my rugby team for a few days till duty calls again, God bless us everyone.