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Thread: Manhattan Man Has Inhalation Anthrax

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    Manhattan Man Has Inhalation Anthrax

    Police: Man falls ill after contact with natural anthrax

    (CNN) -- A New York musician has been hospitalized with anthrax symptoms that authorities say originated from animal skins used to make traditional African instruments.

    The man, who is hospitalized in northern Pennsylvania, had recently traveled to Africa, sources said. Federal authorities say the source of the anthrax is "naturally occurring."

    The man, who plays native African music, complained of flu-like symptoms before collapsing at the end of a show in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, sources said.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Health said he was taken to Robert Packard Hospital in Sayre, Pennsylvania, about 50 miles northeast of Mansfield.

    New York City and federal authorities discussed the case at a press conference Wednesday afternoon, where they assured the public that the incident does not pose a health threat.

    CNN's Terry Frieden contributed to this report.
    I've had a semi-nasty chest cold for the past couple days which started to get better today. This story is a bit unsettling for me because:

    a.)I'm a skeptic when it comes to media/government reports about these things
    b.)The symptoms of inhalation anthrax:
    About 1-6 days after inhaling Bacillus anthracis spores there would be a gradual onset of vague symptoms of illness such as fatigue, fever, mild discomfort in the chest and a possibly a dry cough. The symptoms would improve for a few hours or 2-3 days. Then, there would be sudden onset of difficulty in breathing, profuse sweating, cyanosis (blue colored skin), shock and death in 24-36 hours.

    I know, I'm full of ****, but I won't be happy unless I'm still alive on Saturday.
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    Isn't that how some of the X-Men were made?

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