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Thread: Winning the War on Terror

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    Winning the War on Terror

    I don't care if you like Bush or not. I don't care whether you were for the war or not. But I'd like to defend our intelligence agencies.

    The latest installment in the anti-war rhetoric is that the "War on Terror" has done nothing, for the sole reason that Osama Bin Laden has not been caught yet. Is that the be-all and end-all? Although Iím sure the left would come up with another reason to say weíve failed if we did catch him, as though there are not wannabe terror leaders standing behind him in line.

    No one stops to think about what the CIA and NSA do on a daily basis. Even before 9/11, does anyone have any idea how many 9/11-style attacks have been prevented? Just because you hear nothing, do you think that nothing has happened?

    ďBut if we did thwart an attack, Bush would boast about it all day long to make himself look better!Ē

    No. These kind of things are not disclosed so to not generate fear among the people, and there is deep-rooted covert work going on that prevents us from boasting about it every time this kinda thing happens.

    Itís hysterical to me how the left supports cutting funding for the intelligence agencies, almost as a punishment for not preventing 9/11, while itís these agencies that help prevent others. Not to mention that the left loves to blame anyone on the preventive side of crime, as long as it isnít the person who actually committed the crime.

    This war is about culture. Itís about changing the mentality that has been instilled in an oppressed people over decades.

    ďBut do we really expect to win their love by bombing them?Ē

    Of course not. We fight to remove the evil powers that be, and prepare the people to think freely and hopefully make the right decision on their own. This kind of change does not happen over the course of six months or a year. It happens over many years or more.

    ďBut look who just elected Hamas to lead their nation!Ē

    Palestine is not a nation. Letís get that out of the way. Not that I side with Israel, but Palestine is a landless group. A clique. Nothing more. Second, we didnít fight Palestine ourselves, so they donít even apply to our argument.

    The left will complain as though it's wrong of us to support democracy or the leaders that we want to be elected to get into power, but it's campaigning jsut liek we have here in the US. What's wrong with that? Then if we lose, they say it's our fault again and that we've done nothing to help.

    Did you ever have a boss who stood over you, telling you what you are doing wrong, no matter how logical your work is? Then they stand there with their hands in their pockets, acting like they are one of the people, yet they have are dressed as nice as the rest of the elite and offer nothing to help remedy the problems that they point and complain about? Well then you know whatís itís like to fight the war on terror and have a Democrat bitch.

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    I think the bottom line is there are a whole lot of people willing to sell out the safety of the country solely for their own political gain, plus others who refuse to leave the warm euphoria of the Clinton-era, which promised that war was a thing of the past and the world had entered a utopian period.
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    On a different note...

    We know (the general public) there are space satellites that can ID cars, plates and people, even at night.

    Now how about the other stuff in space, that does exist and is in use, for counter intelligence and more.....


    Very dark sad days we live in.

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    Can anyone tell me who/what agency etc, thought it was such a great idea to bring over the "Blind Cleric" to the USA to live amongst us, that was behind the 1st World Trade Center attack?

    It certainly wasn't immigration - they'd be a good candidate, but by all acounts I read it was not them. The Egyptian govt certainly did not want him... their "intelligence" services had that figured out.

    What on earth brought the "BLIND CLERIC" to the USA? Who thought that was a good thing to do...and WHY? For what purpose? Has the administration, agency, person etc. been held accountable for that decision?
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