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Thread: Super Bowl XL Officiating

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    Super Bowl XL Officiating

    Does anyone else agree that the officiating was some of the worst in Suber Bowl History tonight? geez, I know everyone wanted Pittsburgh to win, but come on! And how the hell do you get called for a blocking foul when you're the team tackling!?
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    I have to agree that some of the officiating calls were a little dubious...but..congrats to the Steelers - congrats to The Bus on a great career and a happy retirement...and... PPPPPUUUUUULLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE...NEVER EVER EVER have Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin sign the national anthem! That was a total embarrasment (IMHO of course)...
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    That Roethlisberger touchdown run is going to be controversial one. I for one think that he didnt get it. However the rest of my friends and family disagree with me.

    Also, the pass interference on what should have been the Seahawks first touchdown was bogus. Whatever, I was happy to see the Steelers win.
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