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Thread: Shamu at ISP

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    Shamu at ISP

    Southwest flew one of their newly painted 737-700's in the "Shamu" c/s into ISP yeaterday. It was N713SW. Arrived on 33L at 1625 and dep 33L to BWI at 1655. Very nice looking!
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    You were spotting at ISP?

    Wow, that's a whale of a crime. :-p

    I didn't know they had more than one Shamu plane, that's pretty cool.
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    I was standing outside my front door taking pictures of my youngest son

    when I looked up and saw a strange 737 on approach to ISP

    It is sometimes good to be under the landing pattern.....OK, it is aways good!
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    Great pictures! I can't wait to fly on her.

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    A little later in the afternoon (5:15pm), she came into PBI from BWI - unfortunately, I was driving in rush hour traffic - people preparing for hurricanes don't tend to like it if you stop in the middle of the road to photograph a beautiful plane! Damn inconsiderate people!! :) :) :) - she was a lovely sight though!

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