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Thread: TAM Brasil A330-200 at JFK on 11NOV05

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    TAM Brasil A330-200 at JFK on 11NOV05

    TAM starts service on 10NOV05, arr JFK at 0530 on 11NOV05 departs 1800.

    GRU to JFK
    Thursday - 2300 arr 0530 (Fri)
    Saturday - 2300 arr 0530 (Sun)
    Sunday - 2300 arr 0530 (Mon)
    Tuesday - 2300 arr 0530 (Wed)

    JFK to GRU
    Friday - 1830 arr 0630 (Sat)
    Sunday - 0730 arr 2000 (Sun)
    Monday - 1800 arr 0630 (Tue)
    Wednesday - 1800 arr 0630 (Thu)


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    Great news Mike. - The details seemed sketchy not too long ago. I was hoping it was true. Another "new" JFK airline materializes!

    Any word on Qatar?
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    traffic two o'clock two miles southbound flight of four C-130s
    tom my understanding about qatar airways is they they will begin JFK service witht he introdcution of the A380 into thier fleet, unless they plan to fly in from LHR with the A330s. they do have an A345 but that is used in the amiri flight.
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    Qatar also has some A340-600s on order which will be delivered in 2006.
    Etihad Airways has also said that after they start Toronto they want to start flying from Abu Dhabi to JFK.

    I want to go to Brazil in March and going to try to fly TAM if I go.


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