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  1. Philippine Airlines ( PAL ) starts flying to NY again in March 2015

  2. That Time a Commercial Aircraft Ran Out of Fuel Mid-Flight

    The story of the Gimli Glider would make a great movie.

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  3. The Hidden Beauty of Airport Runways, and How to Decipher Them

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  4. Stranded Ethiopian 767-300 extracted from Arusha

    An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-300 with registration ET-AQW that landed accidentally at Arusha's runway 27 ( length 1620 meters/5300 feet ) took off without a hitch to its intended destination.

  5. Memorial to the victims of UTA 772 can be seen on Google Earth

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    Interview with a crash victim from the NBC...

    Interview with a crash victim from the NBC affiliate with a video of the debris field on the runway ....

    News link:
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    Solar Impulse .... ETA 7 July 2013

    It looks like it's a go ....

    Flight Washington KIAD - New-York KJFK

    Pilot: André Borschberg, Co-Founder and CEO
    Take off expected: July 6th 04:45AM EDT (UTC-4)
    Landing expected: July 7th...
  8. Solar Impulse Landing - Washington Dulles

    Coming to New York City in July. Let's hope they give spotters as much chance to cover it.

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  9. FedEx to complete retirement of its last 727Fs in late June

    News item & link:
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    Puppies on a Plane

    A rewarding job at Pilots N Paws !

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    LOT 787 Dreamliner launch

    Coming soon to our neck of the woods ....

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  12. Time-lapse video of Space Shuttle Endeavour's crosstown journey through L.A.

    Kudos goes to the L.A. Times staff members who captured this historic event.

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  13. A different take on the Space Shuttle Endeavour story ....

    A wonderful tie-in about the historic event that happened a few days ago in Los Angeles.

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  14. Regular Boeing 787 service to New York starting February 2013

    Looks like LOT Polish Airlines will be the first carrier to offer regularly scheduled service to the New York area ( JFK ) with the 787 based on news item below. This is barring any slip-ups in the...
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    Evening timelapse

    Has anyone come across this photographer / cinematographer before ?

    All his works are exquisite, check out the 2 to 3 minute mark on the video.

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  16. BBC - Myrtle Avenue: Plane-spotters' paradise

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    La Belle Caravelle

    Still one of the best "nose" besides the Connie.

    I can only think of one example ( SE-DAI ) with the Caravelle Club in Sweden where the aircraft systems are put through its motions.

    Does anyone...
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    Hangar B at Floyd Bennett Field

    An interesting tour for all aviation enthusiast ...
  19. Shuttle Enterprise Towed out of hangar at Smithsonian

    Something to contribute to the anticipation:
  20. Boeing 787 Dreamliner Departing Rockford (KRFD)

    Never fails to impress me how a supportive parent makes all the difference.

    Click on link to watch:
  21. I'm sorry the link to the first entry .... Here's...

    I'm sorry the link to the first entry .... Here's a clip from her visit this past weekend at Prague should be:

    I mixed it up with a link on my...
  22. The A380 in Prague ...

    I chanced upon it at YouTube. It takes quite the skill to film, edit & insert the right sound into making a good film.
  23. The A380 in Prague & Budapest this past weekend

    The A380 is becoming the aviation world's equivalent of a rock star. I've noticed that everywhere she visits there are hundreds of people who turn out to see her.

    Here's a clip from her visit this...
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