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  1. [HD] Ilyushin IL-76TD with old engines, amazing sound ! (Silk Way)

    Good day,

    yesterday I have uploaded a video of a Silk Way Ilyushin 76 which visited the Geilenkirchen Nato Air Base. Make sure you turn up the volume and enjoy the great sound. =)
  2. 70 planes in 15 Minutes. Review of year 2011


    Yesterday I decided to sum up all video clips I made in 2011. You can see around 70 planes within 15 minutes. Camera used: Canon 5dII +Canon 100-400
  3. [PICS] Dubai and Sharjah February 2012 (planes only) part II

    Hi again,

    I spent a few hours in Sharjah aswell with the goal to catch at least one Ilyushin 76.
  4. [PICS] Dubai and Sharjah February 2012 (planes only) part I

    Hi Folks,

    I have been to the UAE for a few days mainly to take some pictures at Dubai and Sharjah Airport. Of course I took pictures of the most important sights, (Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab)...
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