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    P-51C Mustang flies for Air Aces

    A video clip on Kermit Weeks flying his P-51C Mustang for the Air Aces tv show. He says it was the worst flight he ever had in the plane, because of the heat of the day and the gear he had to wear to...
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    Sopwith Snipe - The Vintage Aviator Ltd

    Two great clips on the Sopwith Snipe reproduction built by the craftsmen at The Vintage Aviator Limited in New Zealand. Wonderful footage of the plane in flight, and what a sweet sound from that...
  3. Howard Hughes Famous Sikorsky S-43 Moved to Florida

    Kermit Weeks and his crew document beautifully in two video clips the disassembly and move of Howard Hughes famous S-43 to Fantasy of Flight in Florida. Really cool.

    Part 1 -...
  4. Kermit Weeks acquires Howard Hughes Sikorsky S-43

    Howard Hughes S-43 will fly again. After sitting in a hangar in south Houston for years, this great aircraft will finally get the love and attention it desperately needs. Can't wait to see it splash...
  5. Grumman Duck flight from multiple camera angles

    Really cool video of a Grumman Duck flight, shot from multiple angles. Three camera view of a water landing and take off. Nice!
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    North American AT-6D Cockpit video

    Kermit Weeks takes his Kermie Cam aboard the AT6 for a three part informative and thrilling ride. He does a pre-flight talk and even does a couple of snap rolls during flight. Fun stuff. Hope he...
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    Planes in Snow Scenes for Holiday Greeting

    No flying, but a really nice Holiday greeting from Kermit Weeks and his crew at Fantasy of Flight. Cool snow scenes with some of his planes. Nice touch for the season.
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    Grumman Duck - GoPro footage

    Here's a three part GoPro cockpit video done by Kermit Weeks of his Grumman Duck. Pretty cool clips, especially part 3 when he lands on a nearby lake. By far my favorite of his Kermie Cam series so...
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    Grumman Wildcat cockpit GoPros

    Another great series of GoPro cockpit videos from Kermit Weeks "Kermie Cam". This time it is the Grumman Wildcat. Think a lot of you will enjoy this one. First two videos are pre-flight, and the...
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    He has an awesome collection there. Well worth...

    He has an awesome collection there. Well worth repeat visits. You might be interested, they posted some video on the Pusher a few months. Second one is from the pilot perspective. Pretty cool.
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    1927 Curtiss Robin test flight

    Kermit Weeks test flies his wonderfully restored 1927 Curtiss Robin model B on a sunny morning at Fantasy of Flight.
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    Gotta admit it's one of the best of these videos....

    Gotta admit it's one of the best of these videos. Thanks Kermit.
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    Von Richthofen's specter?

    Other worldly spirit walks from Red Baron tri-plane.
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    Po-2 GoPro preflight and flight

    Another Kermie Cam GoPro posting. This time its a Polikarpov Po-2 biplane. Part one is a plane inspection and preflight. Then part two takes to the air. Fun
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    Polikarpov Po-2 Soviet biplane takes to the air

    Here's something you don't see everyday... a Polikarpov Po-2 flying by. Kermit Weeks posted this video of him flying his Soviet biplane. Pretty cool.
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    P-51C Mustang GoPro footage from cockpit

    Some great GoPro video of a P-51C Mustang. Really neat pre-flight and flying video from pilot seat perspective. Three parts to footage. 1 and 2 are pre-flight. Part 3 is in flight.

    Part 1......
  17. Albatros flies at Shuttleworth - GoPro pilot perspective

    Kermit Weeks flies the Albatros over the beautiful countryside at Shuttleworth Old Warden Aerodrome in England. The Albatros plane is one of the magnificent works of art built by Peter Jackson's, The...
  18. P-51D Takes Flight - Cool cockpit view of roll

    Kermit Weeks takes a tourist on a flight in his P-51D, Cripes A' Mighty. He does some loud passes for a crowd of onlookers. Some pretty cool cockpit footage, including a roll and four point roll....
  19. Peter Jackson built Albatros D. Va flies in Florida

    Kermit Weeks takes his newly-acquired Albatros D.Va for its first flight. Built by Peter Jackson's The Vintage Aviator, Ltd. in New Zealand, this is very likely the first flight of any Albatros in...
  20. Benoist airboat being built for 100 yr commemorative flight

    Kermit Weeks is building from scratch, a precise reproduction of the Benoist Airboat that made the first commercial flight using airplanes on January 1, 1914. He plans to fly the airboat on the 100...
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    Curtiss Pusher Test Flight

    Those magnificent men in their flying machines indeed! This is an HD video of a test flight of a 1910 Curtiss Pusher reproduction, that took place on June 22, 2012. Doesn't get very fast, or very...
  22. B-25 Apache Princess Engine Test - Hear those engines roar!

    Another Warbird could soon be flying again. Came across another awesome video today. Kermit Weeks and his crew at Fantasy Of Flight have started doing engine tests on their B-25, Apache Princess,...
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    Gee Bee Z engine test

    Came across this video of an engine test for the Gee Bee Z done at Fantasy of Flight earlier this week. I know the plane hasn't flown in over ten years. Sounds like Kermit Weeks got the hankering to...
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    I remember S-55 Sikorsky helicopters being used...

    I remember S-55 Sikorsky helicopters being used for transportation over NYC during the 50's and 60's. Used to go to Manhattan pier with my Uncle, who was a pilot, and my Dad to watch them take off...
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