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    Re: Pan Am GONE AGAIN

    Sad, but it's been a long time since the brand had any equity with the average consumer. I believe the reason the name was revived so many times was because of the recognition the Pan Am brand still...
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    Re: AA to Drop LGA-MSP in June

    MSP is a great town, lot of NYC transplants there (incl. my best friend from high school), but nonstop flying between our area and the Twin Cities is virtually an NW/CO monopoly, and through their...
  3. Re: Military Jet Fly-ByWest Side of Manhattan - APRIL 29

    It was rained out Tuesday so if anyone wants to catch this, I assume they are going to try again tomorrow at 1330 per the rain date above.
  4. Re: Silverjet Scores $25M Cash Injection from UAE

    Well done, gives them a bit of a lifeline (and more of an anchor in the hot Dubai market), but then again, the Qataris' 24% stake in Eos couldn't save them so yes -- clock is still ticking, this just...
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    Re: Whats going to happen with Eos 757s?

    These planes all belong to ILFC, which I believe has placed some other former Mexican-operated 757s it owned with other foreign airlines (IIRC some went to a Turkish charter co. for example)...In...
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    Re: Eos Airlines Ceases Operations ... igger.html

    Interesting read on where these guys thought they were just a couple of months ago. Either things turned on them really fast, or they were...
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    Re: Eos Airlines Ceases Operations

    Sad for the employees but you could kind of see this coming, with their tiny niche and soaring fuel prices there were just no economies of scale to be able to work through the downturn. Would have...
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    Re: Eos Getting Winglets

    From that pic I'm imagining that it's a former AeroMexico craft that is joining the Eos fleet from the lessor with winglets, as opposed to them installing them on the aircraft they have already in...
  9. Re: Cathay "Asia's World City" Delivery Pilot Fired for Fly-by

    Some years ago, Virgin Blue hired a former CX pilot who had been fired for throwing peanuts at the CEO in a bar. So perhaps Virgin will give this guy a job too.

    "A Cathay Pacific pilot fired for...
  10. Re: Analyst: Boeing Wasn't Even Close to Winning Tanker Deal

    Not saying Airbus didn't win on the merits of the product, but it bothers me when they quote people from places like the Lexington Institute as impartial experts without divulging their economic or...
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    Re: This is today's PanAm?

    Wow, the new fleet is rolling stock! Guilford is the parent co. but the airline site is (was?) You can see the message about scheduled flight suspension there.

    Sad but...
  12. Re: United Kiosk Software Fails on Leap Day, Delays Check-ins

    I find it amusing because before Y2K, I was working at a small business that got a form letter from some faceless lawyers or IT managers at its large corporate client requiring us to 'certify' that...
  13. Re: Air Force Snubs Boeing, Orders Airbus Tankers

    Yes,the strong euro has been hurting European manufacturers' competitiveness, especially in the US market but also in any global market where pricing is dollar-based like commercial airplanes. It's...
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    Re: USS New York Christened

    Nice to see some people didn't forget 9/11. Also nice to see a project that Northrop Grumman didn't need a foreign partner for!
  15. Re: United Kiosk Software Fails on Leap Day, Delays Check-ins

    Anyone know if this was software developed in house? Seems odd it didn't affect anyone else.
  16. Re: Air Force Snubs Boeing, Orders Airbus Tankers

    The official and highly specific state by state economic impact list on the Northrop Grumman website lists many states, but New York isn't one of them, nor is NJ or CT (in which P&W would have gotten...
  17. Re: Air Force Snubs Boeing, Orders Airbus Tankers

    I saw a Boeing powerpoint on their website that indicated they had given the USAF the option of the 777 so I can only imagine they wanted something bigger than a 767 and smaller than a 777, and this...
  18. Re: Air Force Snubs Boeing, Orders Airbus Tankers

    Some good backstory from the origins of all this in the article below, the key quote to me being:

    "It's very partisan; the EADS support group is very Republican, and Boeing's is very Democratic,"...
  19. Re: Air Force Snubs Boeing, Orders Airbus Tankers

    From the AP article, it's Alabama, not California where the work will be done:

    "The EADS/Northrop Grumman team plans to perform its final assembly work in Mobile, Ala., although the underlying...
  20. Re: Air Force Snubs Boeing, Orders Airbus Tankers

    BTW as the announcement apparently came after the close of the stock market, Boeing shares tanked an additional 3.25% in after hours trading, having already been down today with the market. Will be...
  21. Re: Air Force Snubs Boeing, Orders Airbus Tankers

    I think the conversion and assembly work is going to be done in Alabama, which was smart on EADS part because southern states have a lot of pull in Washington, which is one reason why all the...
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    Re: Delta's new (very cool) safety video

    Don't much enjoy the fembot, or the 'bear' with the shiny tooth, but I guess this is like edu-tainment...And when are those 737-700s coming?
  23. Re: Southwest Airlines don't like pretty girls

    "like omigawd, the old stewardess grannies didn't bring us water right away cuz they're jealous of, like, our total hotness, and then they totally ignored us which must be discrimination because,...
  24. Re: Removal of Stained Glass Begins at American's JFK Terminal

    I doubt if 48 years from now, any part of the new AA terminal will be considered artwork! But again, we must remind ourselves that this is just a business, and mostly a commoditized one at that. No...
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    Re: TAM New Corporate Image (Preview)

    The Brazilian flag has such vibrant colors, I am surprised they went with more red, white and blue. Not exactly a major rebranding I'd say.
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