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  2. Entire Duxford Cambridgeshire England Uk airshow filmed for your pleasure

    Hi i found a brilliant place to film the latest Duxford (cambridgeshire England Uk) airshow from so take a look through my recent uploads in the link below , the RAF Eurofighter typhoon is best...
  3. so can i report my video capture to...

    so can i report my video capture to or maybe ill look up fedex and get them to explain this, ill let you know if i get a reply thanks
  4. Duxford spring airshow 2013 all on video eg Lancaster & Red Arrows

    i filmed all of Duxford spring airshow marking 70 years since americans came to duxford england see my videos here youll need to click load more about 7 or 8 times to reach the area...
  5. video quality

    did you change video quality ? see my description under the video..if you watch it in 1080p it looks dumb down everyones videos to save on their bandwidth and make videos load faster,...
  6. Fedex plane engine looks like its hanging off

    i filmed this on june 5th ive shown a few people this and they also agree that one of the engines doesnt look right so can any of you...
  7. Duxford airshow England Uk full display videos for both days in full HD !

    hope you like some of my videos it took me days to upload them all so please click like on every one you watch if you like it ! ps im told the hispano buchans wing hit ground as it landed prompting...
  8. Boeing 737 with fuel leaking from wing over Cambridge England today 2 aug 2012 !

    is it a 737 ? any idea what airline ? it took off from Marshalls airport cambridge England and its clearly loosing a lot of fuel..any estimates as to how much its loosing eg 3 litres a second ?? its...
  9. is it an a120 ?

    someone else says ita an a120 so whos correct ? and is it a military version being dark like that or not ? thanks for your help..ive no idea !
  10. Military jet can you identify & a helicopter in England the helicopter video is below a few bird videos any help identifying that or the military jet appreciated thanks
  11. thanks

    thanks for this info
    wonder if anyone can zoom in on the p3 or pilatus and get any registration info ?
  12. nigerian c130 chased from france to cambridge uk !

    ive put 3 videos of the eurofighter on my youtube account and 2 of a large reconisance plane i suspect was involved ..can you Id it please ? plus a small grey plane id like identified please...
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