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  1. Etihad Pilot Takes a Wrong Turn - Oops!
  2. Qantas 747 Take Off Manchester Airport, UK

    An all too rare a sight these days. Absolutely love this livery on the Boeing 747 and A380 (and the rest of the Qantas Fleet if I'm honest).

    I hope you like it. If you have a YouTube account, I'd...
  3. British Vulcan Bomber XH558 Suffers Major Engine Failures

    The British built Avro Vulcan Bomber XH558 - the only flying example left - suffered two major engine failures last week.

    Full story

    In happier times...

  4. United Airlines cancels Houston-Auckland 787 Service...

    ... and cuts 1,300 jobs at Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). Announcement comes after Southwest Airlines granted International Terminal at rival airport.

    More information
  5. Boeing 787 'Manchester Airport Demo' - DreamTour UK

    The Boeing 787 today (24 April 2012) provided a demonstration flight to the employees of Thomson Airways who will be the first airline in the UK to acquire the Dreamliner.

    She took off from...
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    Thanks Derf, Appreciate it (",)

    Thanks Derf, Appreciate it (",)
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    The Awesome Airbus A380

    I consider this to be one of my best A380 videos to date (if not the best).

    See her landing, taxiing to the gate, being serviced at the gate and taking off again at Manchester Airport, UK...
  8. Huge Amounts Of Wing Condensation - VS Boeing 747 Foggy T/O

    Thursday 15 March 2012 was an extremely foggy day at Manchester Airport, and though the fog had started to lift when this Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 departed Runway 23R, she still managed to...
  9. Hong Airlines Airbus A330-200 @ MAN/EGCC (LUCKY CATCH!!)

    A very rare and unexpected visitor to Manchester Airport. This Hong Kong Airlines Airbus A330-200 was diverted into Manchester from Gatwick due to the Fog.

    She is seen here positioning back to...
  10. First Virgin Atlantic A340-600 Receives NEW Livery [VIDEO & PICS]

    The first Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 has been painted in the airlines new Billboard style livery.

    She is seen in this video departing Manchester Airport, UK (MAN/EGCC) where she underwent the...
  11. Turkish Airlines A321: Crosswind Landing Made To Look Easy!!!

    This Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 is landing with a crosswind at Manchester Airport UK... and she is making it look very easy.

    Interestingly, on landing, there is hardly any tyre smoke!

    I hope...
  12. Nice Crosswind Landing (Lufthansa A319)

    Some great skill being demonstrated here by the crew. The plane shifts suddenly a few times, but they get her back straight and level in an instant.
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    Finnair E170 Crosswind Take Off

    A little Finnair Embraer E170 takes off into a crosswind at Manchester Airport, UK.
  14. easyJet A319 'Crosswind Landing' MAN/EGCC (UK)

    This little A319 is blown about quite vigourously as she makes her final approach to Runway 23R at Manchester Airport UK.

    easyJet is just one of over 90 airlines I've filmed and feature on my...
  15. PIA Boeing 777-240LR 'Take Off' (Incl. Engine Vortex)

    A PIA Boeing 777-200LR departs Manchester Airport (MAN/EGCC) bound for JFK, New York.

    Note the vortex forming under engine number 1 (far engine) from around 1 minute 14 seconds. The awesome power...
  16. PIA Boeing 777-240LR 'Crosswind Landing' MAN/EGCC (UK)

    Listen to her engines as she starts to cross the runway. I love hearing this, absolute music to the ears.

    What do you think?

    By the way. If you fancy coming to Manchester to do some spotting...
  17. Wet Wet Wet Take Off: First Choice A321

    A First Choice / Thomsonfly Airbus A321 departs a very wet (and windy) Runway 23R at Manchester Ringway International Airport (MAN/EGCC).

    You can find out where this video was filmed by following...
  18. US Airways A330-300 Wet/Crosswind Take Off (MAN/EGCC)

    This US Airways A330-300 isn't hanging around, she steers straight on to the runway and is off, her engines blowing up spray from the wet runway. As she gets airbourne you can see the moment the...
  19. Emirates A380 Take Off: Bathed in Eerie Winter Afternoon Light

    This is the departure of the Emirates A380 seen in my crosswind post. By the time she departed the light was getting poor and eerie looking...

  20. Emirates A380: Crosswind Landing (Manchester Airport, UK).

    I went spotting at Manchester Airport in the UK today (12 January 2012). It was quite a windy day and I managed to capture the Emirates A380 performing a crosswind landing. She makes it look very...
  21. Turkish Airlines A330-200 @ Heathrow

    Turkish Airlines send their Boeing 777-300ER, A340-300 and A330-200/300 aircraft into Heathrow subject to demand.

    Here we see their A330-200

  22. Spanish Flag Carrier: Iberia A321 @ LHR

    An Iberia Airbus A321 makes her final approach and then lands on Runway 27L at London Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL).
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    View the Vortices

    This is one of my earlier videos featuring a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 landing at Manchester Airport (MAN/EGCC) in the UK.

    It's a particular favourite of mine because of the beautiful...
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    Extinction Looms! BMI A330

    This BMI A330 - already a rare species - will soon be gone forever. As you may know both IAG and Virgin Atlantic are currently in discussions with Lufthansa over the sale of the loss making BMI so...
  25. United Airlines 777 (UA/CO Livery) Landing on 27L at Heathrow

    Great aircraft and livery. Do you think United should have gone with this livery or a completely new one?
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