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  1. AirBridgeCargo Boeing 747-8F Take Off at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  2. [20+ min.] Plane Spotting at Antwerp Airport
  3. Lockheed 12A Electra Junior Take Off, Show and Landing at Antwerp Airport Deurne
  4. KLM Boeing 777 Take Off at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  5. TUI Fly Boeing 737 MAX Take Off and Landing at Brussels Airport Zaventem
  6. Beautiful Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport Zaventem | 747, 787, 350, 330, 777
  7. How to move an Airplane with 2 Engines Out Across an Active Airport
  8. Top 20 Most Expensive Private Jets I saw
  9. Neos Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Landing at Brussels Airport Zaventem
  10. Close Up Heavy Take Offs at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | 20+ Min of Plane Spotting
  11. Boeing 737 Max VS Airbus A320 Neo Compilation
  12. Dassault Falcon 8X Business Jet Taxi & Take-Off at Antwerp Airport Deurne | OO-FAI Fl
  13. 20+ Min of Awesome Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport Zaventem | 25 Planes in 20 Minu
  14. KLM Boeing 747-400 Heavy Take-Off at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | Awesome Polderbaan
  15. 25+ Mins of Stunning Plane Spotting from the Airbus Factory at Toulouse Airport Blagn
  16. Algerian Government Gulfstream G-IV(4) Arrival and Departure at Brussels Airport Zave
  17. 20 MIN of Beautiful Plane Spotting at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport | 30+ Planes Departi
  18. 30 MIN of Magnificent Plane Spotting at Brussels Airport Zaventem | Great Variety of

    Here is a pretty Awesome Compilation of great airplane traffic Landing at Brussels! In this video you can see more than 60 planes, including 6 special liveries, many Bizzjets (global 6000, 737), rare...
  19. Air Antwerp Fokker F50 Take-Off and Landing at Antwerp Airport Deurne

    A Fokker F50 is a rare sight these days, definitely in Europe. But at the airports of Antwerp and London City, this F50 is a daily visitor! Air Antwerp operates 1 airplane, this F50 and the airline...
  20. Replies

    Pilatus PC-12 Compilation

    Here is a small compilation of some PC-12's I have seen last year. The PC-12 is one of my favorite aircraft: nice design, for short runways, powerful engine, very flexible...
    There are more than...
  21. Airbus A320 VS Airbus A320 NEO | Landing Comparison | Vueling and Lufthansa

    Here is a small compilation of 4 A320Neo and Airbus A320Ceo landing at Brussels Airport. Take a look at the difference in the engines, quite spectacular indeed! Enjoy the video and see you next week!...
  22. Belgian Air Force Lockheed C-130H Hercules Start-Up, Taxi and Take-Off from Antwerp A

    Here is a Lockheed C-130H Hercules from the Belgian Air Force Starting-Up, Taxiing and Departing Antwerp Airport Deurne! Pretty rare to see this one at the small airport in Antwerp. The Belgian Air...
  23. 35 Beautiful Take-Offs At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | B747, B787, A330, B777 .. | Po

    Here is a 20 min + Plane Spotting Compilation of some great movements at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol! My personal highlights are the 787 from Xiamen (@00:35) and the Expo 2020 from Emirates (@13:09)....
  24. A Plane Spotting Year in 10 Minutes | Aviation Review 2019 | Some Great Movements of

    As always, the last video of the year is a compilation of my best footage from this year! 2019 was a pretty decent year, not that much as 2018, but still pretty good! I caught the AN-124, B-17 Flying...
  25. Volotea Boeing 717 and Airbus A319 Arriving and Taxiing at Toulouse Blagnac Airport |

    This time we have some great movements at Toulouse Blagnac! The Boeing 717 and Airbus A319 from Volotea. The airline operates a fleet of 34 aircraft, 19 A319 and 15 B717. Their fleet is growing...
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