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  1. Getting caught up in wake turbulence....
  2. Spotting trip to ZRH highlights reel by Luke Pabari

    Made a short film on my trip to Zurich in April (-:
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    Gusty day at Heathrow
  4. 24L arrivals in LAX going into 'golden hour'.

    Lovely light towards the end.
  5. Flying into LAX in a Cessna 172 VFR

    A good friend and I decided to fly the C172 into LAX VFR! Here's the approach/landing - departure video tomorrow probably. What a fantastic afternoon out flying! :-)

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    A trip to Catalina Island, CA

    What an awesome airport!
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    China Southern 77F at LAX
  8. Bouncey touchdown at LAX - Air France A380

    Gusty afternoon at LAX..
  9. Lufthansa B747-830i Push - Taxi & Take-off EDDF.

    Beautiful! First time seeing this in person, it's quite something!
  10. BA 744 Head on Taxi & Departure @ London Heathrow

    My latest video, enjoy!
  11. Head on Pushback & Taxi with a BA 772 at LHR!

    Really liked this shot! Different angle from what you're use to seeing at Heathrow too. Enjoy!
  12. ANZ1 Heathrow - Los Angeles Boeing 777-300ER [Full Flight Video]

    So these Long Haul Flight Videos can take up some time, I decided to make it into just one 30 Minute video for all to see. I took this trip over a Month back now on the 5th January 2012. My take on...
  13. Early Morning Arrivals at London Heathrow Airport.

    Filmed in July 2011, montage of Aircraft Landing 27L at EGLL in the Morning!
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