View Full Version : N3A "Spirit of Goodyear" at Lakehurst 4/23/05

04-25-2005, 04:48 PM
This in from Lakehurst, New Jersey:

<< Taking a cue from several days of anticipated poor weather, Goodyear made arrangements to dock their Akron, Ohio-based N3A SPIRIT OF GOODYEAR in Hangar #6 at the Naval Air Engineering Station, Lakehurst NJ yesterday. Using their down-time in the Hangar to best advantage, crew obtained a cherry-picker to perform minor maintenance on the ship's LED sign equipment.

Fresh out of winter overhaul work that saw the 1982-vintage car get a complete refurbishing and new skin, she now looks like a brand-new airship and even though it was a Saturday afternoon the crew seemed to genuinely enjoy doting on her!

SPIRIT OF GOODYEAR shared the dock today with some National Guard armored units as well as the Bosch-built Army UAV airship which is scheduled to be joined by a near-sister (manned trainer version) in the next few months.>>