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  1. Etihad to Upgrade AUH-JFK to 777-300ER for Summer 2013
  2. Air Force One to Bradley International Airport (BDL) Sunday
  3. SkyWest Firms Order For 100 Mitsubishi Regional Jets
  4. Woman Calls In Airliner Bomb Hoax To Keep Husband From Leaving Her
  5. TSA to Commission Independent Study of X-Ray Body Scanners
  6. Air Canada Rouge: Everything You Need To Know About Canada’s New Hybrid Airline
  7. World’s First Airport Opens, Apollo 17 Splashes Down: December 19 in Aviation History
  8. Planes in Snow Scenes for Holiday Greeting
  9. Help Wanted: Ryanair Needs A New Masochistic Spokesperson
  10. East River Crash Helicopter Was Overweight: NTSB
  11. Air Canada Exits The Monkey Business
  12. Delta Opens New LaGuardia Terminal Connector In Time For Holiday Rush
  13. Air China adds second flight to JFK Summer 2013
  14. North American AT-6D Cockpit video
  15. Evergreen Parks all 742s
  16. Concentration of Aviation News from Israel and the rest of the world
  17. Edelweiss A330-300 to operate for Swiss in Summer 13
  18. HEAVY Weather, 12/25/12 and Beyond!!
  19. WN plane off taxiway at ISP
  20. Southwest Jet Skids Into Mud At Long Island Airport
  21. Hong Kong Airport Again Breaks Single Day Flight Record
  22. Allegiant Kills Deal To Buy Cebu Pacific Airbuses
  23. Red Wings Airlines Plane Crash At Moscow Airport Kills Four
  24. Video: Car Camera Captures Airliner Crashing Onto Moscow Highway
  25. NYCAviation’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of 2012
  26. Southern California Plane Crash Kills Couple and Teenage Daughter
  27. Cha-Cha-Changes: Flying The Refreshed Delta BusinessElite
  28. Moscow Plane Crash Death Toll Rises to 5
  29. 3 Teens Die in "Joyride" Plane Crash, Mother Deflects Blame
  30. DOT Fines Copa And Virgin America For Tarmac Delays
  31. The Best Planespotting Photos of 2012
  32. Video (NSFW): Drunken Twilight Star Pees In The Middle Of LAX Terminal
  33. Ukraine’s AeroSvit Files For Bankruptcy Protection
  34. Alaska Airlines Flies Abused Dog To California For Life Saving Surgery
  35. Unruly passenger duct taped to seat.
  36. Grumman Duck flight from multiple camera angles
  37. A Drunk Pilot, A Drunk Passenger, A Roll of Duct Tape And Two Disrupted Flights
  38. For Sale or Rent: Used Launchpad, Well-Loved
  39. World’s Busiest Airport Shut Down Over Scary Toothbrush
  40. DHL Air B763F G-DHLJ
  41. China Airlines Dreamliner 744 re-painted in normal Livery
  42. Japan Airlines 787 Dreamliner Catches Fire In Boston
  43. Hawaiian Airlines Agrees To Purchase Up To 25 Airbus A321neo Aircraft
  44. Fuel Leak Grounds Another Japan Airlines 787 In Boston
  45. MEA Firms $1B Order For 10 Airbus A320neo Family Jets
  46. 787 Brake Problem Grounds ANA Flight
  47. Seven Killed As American Helicopter Crashes In Peru
  48. StarFlyer’s First Factory Fresh Airbus A320 Is Black And Beautiful
  49. Romania’s Blue Air Cancels Boeing 737 Order
  50. LAX Becomes First US Airport To See Multi-Airline 787 Service
  51. Paint The Plane: Hawaiian Student’s Design To Appear On Alaska Airlines Jet
  52. FAA Wants To Know Why Boeing 787s Keep Breaking
  53. Charter Carrier Ryan International Airlines Ceases Operations
  54. White House Rejects Petition to Build Death Star
  55. Virgin Atlantic Recruits CEO From American Airlines
  56. Sandy Turns Long Island Airport Into Vast Used Car Purgatory
  57. India’s Kingfisher Revival Plan ‘Unconvincing’
  58. India Says French Rafale Jets Contract Being Fine-Tuned
  59. New Berlin Airport Faces More Delays, Won’t Open Before 2014
  60. FedEx 727 Retires To Life As College Laboratory
  61. Japan Airlines 787 Suffers Another Fuel Spill
  62. B-52 crash 50 years ago...
  63. Alitalia to End EWR, Consolidate NY Service to JFK from May 2013
  64. China Approves New $11.2 Billion Beijing Airport
  65. Delta’s New iPad App Shows Off The World Below Your Plane
  66. Trump Buys Citation X
  67. United To Cut Over 400 Jobs At Newark Airport
  68. Russia Plans Replacement For Soyuz Rocket
  69. The Mars Mystique
  70. NTSB Shows Off Burnt Boeing 787 Battery
  71. The Heroics of Captain Sully and the “Miracle on the Hudson”
  72. United’s High-Speed Satellite WiFi Will Let Customers Choose Price Based On Speed
  73. India’s SpiceJet Shares Jump On Stake Sale Talk
  74. Finnair ‘Cannot Confirm Rumors’ About CEO Stepping Down
  75. British Airways Discriminated Against Flight Attendant Who Wore Cross, Court Rules
  76. China’s BOC Aviation Buys 50 Airbus A320 and A320neo Aircraft
  77. ANA To Ground All Boeing 787 Dreamliners After Latest Glitch
  78. Angela Merkel Named Aviation Week Person Of The Year For Blocking EADS-BAE Merger
  79. San Francisco Official Wants Airport Renamed for Harvey Milk
  80. US Customs Finds 18 Human Heads At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport
  81. Paris Airports Handled Record 88.8 Million Passengers In 2012
  82. Perhaps Delta Should Focus on Maintenance Rather Than Tablet Apps
  83. Brace Yourselves For American Airlines’ Imminent Rebranding
  84. Iberia new scheme likely confirm
  85. Small Plane Crashes In North Carolina, Killing Pilot
  86. FAA Orders Airlines To Stop Flying Boeing 787
  87. Two Killed As Helicopter Hits London Tower Crane
  88. Birdstrike Robot
  89. Qantas-Emirates Alliance Given Green Light By Australia
  90. Art On the Go, Courtesy of Paris Airport
  91. New American Airlines Branding Draws Mixed Reviews From Fliers
  92. Airbus Concedes 2012 Sales Defeat To Boeing
  93. Qantas Cancels One Boeing 787 Dreamliner But 14 Still On Order
  94. India Entitled to ‘Reimbursement’ Over Dreamliners, Minister Says
  95. Fighter Jets Escort Alaska Airlines Plane to Seattle After Hijack Warning
  96. Thinking Positive About American Airlines’ New Look
  97. Naked Image Full Body Scanners To Be Taken Out Of US airports
  98. Overstock CEO Arrested At Airport Carrying Loaded Gun
  99. Myanmar Spitfire Hunter Still Optimistic Despite Negative Reports
  100. Investigators Begin Analyzing Boeing 787 Black Box
  101. London Pedestrian Died Of Burns In Helicopter Crash
  102. 787 Fire Investigation Now Focusing On Individual Battery Cells: NTSB
  103. Heathrow Slammed By London Papers Over Snow Chaos
  104. United Express Flight Blows Tires On Landing at Newark
  105. United Airlines Worker Struck By Baggage Cart At Newark Airport
  106. Iranian Airlines Face Rough Skies
  107. AirAsia Scraps Plan For New Singapore Airline
  108. Europe Airports Crippled By Snow For Second Straight Day
  109. Apache Helicopter Gunner Prince Harry Killed Taliban During Afghanistan Tour
  110. Kermit Weeks acquires Howard Hughes Sikorsky S-43
  111. Wind Blows UA 739 into Fuel Truck at BUF
  112. Cathay Pacific To Flight Attendants: Hurry Up And Retire
  113. Kuwait Airways Finally Wins Iraqi Compensation For Planes Destroyed During 1990 Invas
  114. Are European Airlines Profiting From EU Carbon Tax?
  115. Airbus Fears A350 Delays Following Boeing Battery Issues
  116. Kingfisher Must Win Bankers’ Permission To Fly Again, Minister Says
  117. Laser Loser Admits To Zapping Plane Over Long Island
  118. Dude, You’re Getting a Dreamliner
  119. Afghanistan Set to Enter the Drone Age, Or Is It?
  120. The Fact and Fallacy of the Looming ‘Pilot Shortage’
  121. Flybe To Cut 300 Jobs In Europe
  122. Aeromexico Boeing 727?
  123. Becoming New American tour comes to JFK
  124. A New American Hits New York
  125. F-16 Wreckage Found in Adriatic Sea
  126. Boeing to Boost 737 Production
  127. CNO: Second half of Blue Angels season will be cancelled if sequestration happens
  128. Always a Kid: First Time On A 747
  129. Ann Coulter A-Ok Flying With Black Female Pilots…We Think
  130. Delta Evacuated on Boston Taxiway Due to Brake Fire
  131. American’s New Airplane; Their First 777-300
  132. Budget Woes to Blunt the Blues? Blue Angels may get the ax
  133. Pilot passes out - Plane lands safely
  134. Columbia Shuttle Crew Never Warned About The Damage!!
  135. Stunning photos of Qatar’s Hamad International Airport…wow!
  136. Maryland SPD Helicopter Problems
  137. Major Announcement At Ford Airport
  138. Frontier To Outsource All Positions Outside DEN
  139. NTSB Finds Source of Boeing 787 Battery Fire: Announces Review of Battery System
  140. US/AA Merger
  141. Dallas to Tempe: ‘Yes, Yes, I Will!’: American Airlines and US Airways FINALLY Announ
  142. The Numbers Game: American-US Merger Initial Rundown
  143. New York-Kennedy (JFK) Notable Visitors Report 2013
  144. British Air Incident 02-15-2013
  145. REVEALED: Four major trends that will shape air travel by 2015
  146. Henry Hill Eat Your Heart Out
  147. First AA New Livery 767-323ER
  148. Pilot Taxiing at JFK Strikes Lights While on Cell Phone
  149. Sequestration impacts on New York
  150. Air Canada Boeing 767-233 C-GAUN [Gimli Glider] for sale
  151. First American Eagle NC to look out for! First Pic!
  152. Bethpage Air Show 2013
  154. Swiss Air to get Boeing 777s
  155. Pilots Report Drone Interfering with Flights on Approach to JFK Airport
  156. FAA to Close 137 Control Towers Due to Sequestration
  157. TAM to Leave Star Alliance and Join Oneworld
  158. OMGBBQ! Shake Shack and Blue Smoke Coming to JFK Airport
  159. Air India bumps Jet Blue
  160. KLM First to Cook Up Biofuel Flights Between Amsterdam and New Amsterdam’s JFK Airpor
  161. The Future of NYCAviation
  162. Virgin America To Become 2nd US Airline to Fly Sharklets; Needs Your Help Naming Airc
  163. Former Home of PanAm Faces Wrecking Ball, Group Hopes To Preserve History
  164. The Failure of Virgin America
  165. FAA OKs Boeing to Test Dreamliner Battery Fix
  166. Looking Back: Fueling a Life of Aviation
  167. Drinking Water Temporarily Contaminated at LAX
  168. Delta Airlines Domestic First Class Reviewed
  169. AA 77W to JFK?
  170. Boeing Presents 787 Fix to the World
  171. Niner Point Five Questions with: FlyerHulk
  172. Small Plane Crash in Fort Lauderdale FLA
  173. Rough Luv: Two Southwest Birds Clip Wings
  174. Leaving St. Maarten – Enjoy Your Last Hours In Paradise
  175. Emergency at JFK today? 3/19/13
  176. United States President Barack Obama Landing In Israel 2013
  177. PANYNJ to take over operations of ACY
  178. App Shootout: FlightRadar24 vs. Planefinder
  179. Amazing!! AF1 footage by israeli police helicopter
  180. PHOTOS & VIDEO: Boeing delivers 7,500th 737 to Malaysia’s Malindo Air
  181. Philadelphia jumpseat flights now available
  182. FAA To Close 149 Contracted Control Towers April 7th
  183. EGF2776 diversion to KSAT
  184. Boeing Begins 787 Dreamliner Flight Testing
  185. PenAir to Fly ISP-BOS This Summer
  186. New Airliner: Fly Jamaica
  187. Zero G at LGA 4/6 and 6/29
  188. AA first 772 in new scheme
  189. Ft Lauderdale Airport Set To Grow Bigger with New Runway
  190. B6 to ORH (Worcester MA)
  191. Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane
  192. AAmerican Beauty? American Airlines New 777-300 Reviewed
  193. The Plane Spotters Toolkit
  194. BA's 1st Whale Jet
  195. Boeing Completes Certification Testing for New 787 Battery System
  196. Emirates Announces First Trans-Atlantic Flight from JFK to Milan
  197. Airbus Breaks Ground in Alabama For A320 Family Final Assembly Line
  198. Here comes the sun:)
  199. Plane Skids Off Runway in Bali
  200. Lion Air 737 Lands Short Of Runway In Bali, Spalshes Into Sea
  201. Heart-warming! 300 taxis assist medical flight by lighting-up Peru airstrip
  202. JFK Runway Run Attracts Serious Runners, Aviation Enthusiasts to JFK’s Runways
  203. NTSB Reveals Details of Boeing 787 Battery Investigative Hearing
  204. FAA Approves 787 Battery Fix, Return To Service Imminent
  205. Sequestration And You- How To Avoid The Delays
  206. Pan Am to relaunch again??
  207. Shamrock 757's to come our way?
  208. National Air Cargo 744 Crash at Bagram
  209. ‘Airport 24/7: Miami’ Returns For Second Season
  210. National Air Cargo 747 Crash at Bagram, Afghanistan
  211. Virgin Galactic Hits Major Milestone With First Live In-Air Engine Test
  212. United Orders 30 Embraer E-175 76-Seat Aircraft
  213. ‘The Daily Show’ Explains Why Congress Worked Together To End FAA Furloughs
  214. Enterprise's new home taking shape at the Intrepid
  215. National Air Flight 102: A Preliminary Report
  216. The High Risk Job of a Military Charter Loadmaster
  217. American Airlines Celebrates Delivery Of New Boeing 777-300ER
  218. The Long Term Effects of The “Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013
  219. Solar-powered plane coming to JFK in June
  220. David Windmiller Emergency Landing!
  221. Stunt Pilot Lands on Long Island Highway- Isn’t a Stunt
  222. NY/NJ Airspace Redesign Status
  223. Surviving SCA and shuttle replica to be permanently mated at Johnson Space Center
  224. KC-135 down in Kyrgyzstan
  225. Airlines vs Passengers: 5 Recent Incidents That Have Resulted In Lawsuits!
  226. Are You Popular? If So, Join American Airlines In The Admirals Club
  227. Heart-warming examples of father-daughter pilot teams
  228. The 2013 Bethpage Airshow at Jones Beach: More Important than Ever
  229. AeroMexico 787 in October
  230. Boeing Rolls Out First 787 Dreamliner at Increased Production Rate
  231. Turkish Airlines bans sexiness
  232. Air Force One at JFK on Monday, May 13th
  233. PHOTO SPECIAL: Airbus completes paintwork on first A350 XWB
  234. JetBlue “Tops Out” JFK T5 Expansion at T5i
  235. Prince Harrys' Aircraft
  236. Behind The Red Rope: American Flagship Check-In at JFK
  237. Going Once, Going Twice- Southwest Swag on Auction
  238. Despicablimp coming to NYC and Philly this week
  239. Boeing Resumes Deliveries Of 787
  240. Indonesian NTSC Releases Preliminary Lion Air Crash Report
  241. Southwest Launches 737 MAX 7, Converts 30 737 NG Orders
  242. Piedmont DHC-8 Emergency landing at EWR
  243. United Reintroduces Boeing 787 Service
  244. First look inside Boeing’s BBJ 3 private jet, based on the 737-900ER
  245. China Airlines Cargo Parts Fall From the Sky
  246. Open for Business: Delta Officially Opens JFK T4 Extension
  247. Boeing Delivers 50th 747-8
  248. Gee Bee Z, one step closer to flying?
  249. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better! A Pilot’s Perspective of the B747-8F
  250. ANA Set To Resume North American 787 Service, We Go For The Ride!