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  1. F-14 Dedication Cermony - Bethpage
  2. Itek-Air 737-200 Crashes in Kyrgyzstan, Enroute to Iran
  3. Ryanair plane loses pressure (2 different articles)
  4. Tam Second 777
  5. FAA System Breakdown Causing Nationwide Delays
  6. Sudan: Plane hijacked in southern Darfur
  7. Rare Saudi bird back at IAD
  8. American Eagle Hijinx
  9. This Friday a Tuskegee Airman flies a P-51 again (PHOTO OP)
  10. Midwest Adding 11 Seats to 717s
  11. Leaking jar of mushrooms grounds RyanAir 737
  12. Boeing Co. to send Machinists final offer
  13. 2nd EK A380 Delayed, Service Pushed Back to Nov 3rd (77L)
  14. Another one bites the dust. Zoom UK and Canada shut down !
  15. Virgin America + Entourage = Special Scheme
  16. Alitalia Files For Bankruptcy
  17. PHOTO: Boeing Delivers 772LR and 773ER to Emirates
  18. EgyptAir Orders Two 773ERs
  19. MSY Evacuation Flights
  20. Qantas flight suffers engine trouble in Frankfurt
  21. BREAKING: AA 737 Making Emergency Landing @ LAX
  22. Backlash: United Won't Drop Trans-Atlantic Meals After All
  23. YX/Republic announce plans.
  24. DL Finally Introduces the MD-90 to LGA
  25. Boeing union rejects company offer, votes to strike
  26. Plane from Toronto College Lands on N.Y. Interstate
  27. British Airways - Jan 2008 crash update
  28. Emirates A380 Reduced to 2xWeekly Until Sep 26th
  29. JetBlue charters in ISP
  30. Continental to Charge $15 for First Checked Bag
  31. Fatal USCG Helicopter Crash In Hawaii
  32. Boeing Statement: Renegotiation Fails; Strike Called
  33. Cessna Lands on Garden State Parkway
  34. B-17 "Memphis Belle" Visiting FRG (Now with photos!)
  35. Hanna Delays and Diversions Thread
  36. Kuwait A310 headed for SWF 9/7
  37. jetblue flight turns into jetBLEW Fight!
  38. Strike Eagle Flyover at US Open
  39. Pace 767-200 EWR (PIX)
  40. JetBlue to Auction Flights On eBay
  41. Continental at SWF Update
  42. G-BOAD Will Be Repaired
  43. UAL Stock Plummets 99.9% After Bankruptcy Rumor, UA Denies
  44. Soaring Eagles
  45. B-52 Bomber over NYC today... (11am)
  46. CO to end LGW; transfer all ops to LHR
  47. Campaign Planes in the NYC Area?
  48. American Airlines Loses Corpse, Family Files Lawsuit
  49. FRG news, are we slacking?-3 Vintage planes to lv FRG 9/10
  50. USAF Tanker Competition Canceled
  51. Laura Bush Aircraft Question
  52. TAM to start GIG-JFK Effective November 1st (767-300)
  53. Obama's "Change" 757 Mccain's "Straight Talk" 737 (PIX)
  54. XL Leisure Group (owns XL Airways) goes into Administration
  55. Aerial Spraying Over My House
  56. LAPD Black & White Helo
  57. Alitalia Shutting Down Tomorrow? (UPDATED)
  58. Aeroflot 737 crashes, 88 feared dead
  59. S-92 On 22Left
  60. Allegiant coming to SWF tomorrow
  61. United Airlines doubles second-bag fee to $50
  62. Olympic Airlines to be shut down
  63. AIG Mess Could Wreck Boeing and Airbus
  64. Looking for information on an airline called Aerogal
  65. Pics of 1st aircraft for Brazilian startup Azul !
  66. Cool new Air Asia LogoJet
  67. T5 opening Monday with a special A/C visitor
  68. VIDEO: Spanair Madrid Crash Captured on Security Cam
  69. UN Week 2008 Begins
  70. Qantas Receives First A380
  71. More Epic Fail At United: Paying $111 for $98 Fuel
  72. 4 die, 2 hurt as star's jet crashes
  73. JetBlue evacuates NY JFK terminal
  74. AA SEA-JFK Flight Diverts to ORD, Goes Off Runway
  75. London Mayor Proposes Offshore Heathrow Replacement
  76. NASA/US Air Force, develop aircraft that really scream
  77. SWF UN Week 2008 (Pics + Losing My Russian Virginity!)
  78. German police seize terrorist suspects on plane
  79. "Jet Man" Crosses English Channel
  80. Delta Refitting Shuttles for 2-Class Config
  81. Does TACA have new colors?
  82. United Nations VIP Week2008 summary. Text and Photos
  83. SpaceX Falcon 1 Reaches Orbit
  84. Intrepid Returns to Pier 86 - October 2 (Lotta Pix Added!)
  85. N727M to KSWF Sunday Sep 28, departure Oct. 1st
  86. JetBlue Delays T5 Opening Three Weeks
  87. B6 at FRG!
  88. NATO Completes C-17 Agreement
  89. Maryland State PD Fatal Medevac Crash
  90. Arik Air to take 3 Kingfisher A340-500s, New York Possible
  91. MSP newest WN Station
  92. Am. Eagle Investigated for 'Weight and Balance' Violations
  93. 2 Jet Blue pilots savagely beat cabbie
  94. GAO Report: FAA cannot auction flight slots
  95. Passenger: JetBlue Attendant Sexually Harassed Me
  96. Fossett plane found, sheriff says
  97. SY Warns of massive layoffs, possible shutdown.
  98. Delta to adjust fleet quickly after Northwest merger
  99. Wing cracks ground one-third of USAF A-10s
  100. Airline Passenger Loads Reports: September
  101. ANA, JAL order 767s while Boeing deliveries fall
  102. Sun Country Files Chapter 11
  103. American Switching to "A La Carte" Pricing Structure in 2009
  104. Virgin America Finally Launches Points Redemption
  105. 30 hurt as Qantas A330 suffers sudden altitude change
  106. Angry Passenger Sprays Plane with Foot Powder
  107. Iran says it forced down Falcon jet
  108. Nepal plane crash kills 18
  109. Economy Takes Toll on Premium Airline Passengers
  110. B6 at ISLIP
  111. Best News Ever! (selfgloss)
  112. Air France Drops LHR-LAX, Starts LHR-JFK
  113. Air France Drops LHR-LAX, Starts LHR-JFK
  114. Qantas Blames Passenger Laptop for Airbus Plunge
  115. DOT Moving Forward with NYC Slot Auction
  116. Mideast Jet N757MA 757-200 PIX 8/10
  117. AA DC-3 Flagship Detroit Visiting JFK/LGA/EWR Again
  118. CH-53 Past House
  119. AF to drop CDG-PHL?
  120. Saudi Arabian 747SP HZ-AIF EWR 10/12/08
  121. Could this be the first Govt/Corporate/Executive A-321 ?
  122. TPA and United/Ted
  123. NTSB Report Released on 2007 Skytyper Crash
  124. Ascot !!!
  125. AA to order the 787!
  126. Suspected pipe bomb found at ISP
  127. Allegiant Air to FRG 10/17/08
  128. Airlines Q3 Earnings Reports
  129. Corporate Helicopter Hits Fence in Manhattan
  130. AGAIN: Medevac Chopper Crashes Near Chicago, 4 Killed
  131. Concorde G-BOAD Back at Intrepid With New Nose!
  132. Rotorfest 2008
  133. Qantas 707 & A380 at LAX (good photo opportunity)
  134. Flaps Failed on Doomed Spanair Jet: Report
  135. 15 injured do to turbulance on IB A346
  136. VP-CIE A319CJ
  137. A Mini UN Week in Late November/Early December?
  138. US Army cancels troubled Bell reconnaissance helicopter cont
  139. First Commercial Qantas A380 Flight Hours from Touchdown...
  140. Suspected Drunk UA 777 Pilot Arrested in Cockpit @ LHR
  141. Soldier Arrested at ISP With Loaded Gun in Luggage
  142. Central Florida catch of some neat aircraft
  143. NJ Car Damaged by "Metal from the Sky"
  144. T5 opens with decaled aircraft
  145. Grumman Visitors Coming to FRG 10/25
  146. F-14 Ceremony at Calverton
  147. AA changes minimum mileage accrual
  148. Republic loans US 35 mil
  149. LCY Evacuated Due to Toilet Stench
  150. VIP Visitor Update
  151. Emirates receives their second A-380
  152. PIA Trying Pakistan-JFK Nonstop Again
  153. Machinists reach tentative deal in Boeing strike
  154. US Airways Delays A350 Deliveries, Raises More Cash
  155. Polar Air Cargo & DHL commence partnership
  156. Aerion SST
  157. USAF delays CSAR-X contract award to clarify evaluation crit
  158. DOJ Approves Delta/NWA Merger
  159. Rare Oppertunity to See a C-119 Flying Boxcar...In Flight!
  160. Cheetah gets loose in cargo hold of passenger flight
  161. Virgin Atlantic sacks 13 staff after Facebook criticism
  162. YX plans to ground all nine 717s in 2009.
  163. Back to Work in Washington
  164. N697BJ (Blue Jackets) to FRG 11/2/08
  165. Anyone Catch the Straight Talk Express?
  166. Hawaiian posts $6 million profit
  167. Ryanair to USA
  168. China Wins 25-Plane ARJ21 Order From General Electric
  169. Boeing strike could delay 80 plane deliveries
  170. French Navy Helo Over The Hudson
  171. Embraer mulls development of a larger jet
  172. Air China Cargo Orders 747-400 Boeing Converted Freighters
  173. Delta to charge for first checked bag
  174. When do the planes go back?
  175. Atlas Air announces 3rd Qtr profit
  176. Coke Cans on US Airways Flight Filled with Different Coke
  177. Delta to Launch PIT-CDG and RDU-CDG
  178. FRG Warbirds
  179. Airbus Orders Down 34% through Oct., 119 Cancellations
  180. JetBlue E190 Sets Distance Record: ANC-BUF Nonstop
  181. President To Visit Intrepid Tuesday
  182. USAF pilot describes IAF Su-30MKI performance at Red Flag-08
  183. US lawmakers warn future F-22 orders at risk
  184. A380 wake 'no worse' than any other heavy jet: Airbus
  185. Pretty, New Embraer
  186. New Gol Brazil Butterfly Special Scheme 738
  187. JFK Daily Report: November 2008
  188. UN General Assembly - Interfaith Meeting Visitors
  189. AA Flagship Freedom 757 & ATR
  190. German Air Force at WRI
  191. So what fighter was flying around NYC on Veterans Day?
  192. Delta announces new routes and destinations.
  193. WestJet Gets Lucky In Fallout From Boeing Strike
  194. AirTran to Charge for First Checked Bag
  195. Plane collides with luggage tug at Detroit airport
  196. JetBlue Pilots File to Form Union
  197. Inside the Grumman E-2C Hawkeye
  198. Boeing delays the 747-8
  199. Saudi 747 SP in JFK now
  200. Air France Pilot Strike Leaves Thousands Stranded
  201. Saudia Arabian and Evergreen Intl Gulfstreams PIX (JFK)
  202. Space Shuttle To Launch TONITE 7:55EST
  203. Ameristar DC-9-15F EWR (PIX)
  204. Iberia to Buy Vueling and Clickair
  205. Virgin America May Scrap Chicago Plans: No Gates @ ORD
  206. New Emirates A380 en route to JFK
  207. Interesting New Route: LGA-HDN on Delta
  208. FJ-4 Fury Belly Landing at NAS Pensacola
  209. Southwest to Acquire LGA Slots
  210. Pace 737-200 EWR (PIX)
  211. US No-Fly-Lists Customer For Using the Word "Angry"
  212. Air France joins the Euro Retro Scheme Bandwagen
  213. Southwest Airlines union pickets over wages
  214. The Grumman Goose Story
  215. Man Who Plotted to Blow Up Planes Gets Blown Up by a Plane
  216. Lufthansa CityLine to cut 14 CRJ200s and 20% of staff
  217. Delta to add four weekly flights from New York-Tel Aviv
  218. TAM 767-300 JFK
  219. Lufthansa's restored Starliner to be airborne in 2011
  220. Delta to Sponsor Yankees and Mets
  221. North American Airlines Grows its Charter Fleet
  222. 5th anniversary of the last Concorde flight.
  223. MX comes out with new scheme!!
  224. Airbus to certify airbags in A320s
  225. Air France A320 Crashes Into The Sea
  226. Kingfisher G2 N4UB EWR
  227. Skywest CRJ incident - Oct 18 2008 (pix included)
  228. Virgin America at Orlando-Sanford (SFB)
  229. Bad Weather Could Wreak Havoc on Busiest Travel Day Sunday
  230. Qantas shuts down engine, aborts flight
  231. Continental plans Dreamliner seats to be roomy, with a view
  232. Burbank, Van Nuys airports quarrel over noisy planes
  233. Aer Lingus Rejects Ryanair Takeover Bid
  234. US Helicopter Forced to Suspend Wall St Ops: TSA Issues
  235. British Airways in merger talks with Qantas
  236. The Chopping Begins: Delta Cuts Capacity, Tweaks 787 Order
  237. US Airways CEO Parker's Incredible Logic
  238. Black box found from French airbus crash
  239. Ford, GM to Shut Down Flight Ops
  240. Primaris Airlines..Bye Bye
  241. NJSPD Hoist Rescues Dog
  242. Boeing Could Further Delay 787: Report
  243. USAF Re-Starts CSAR-X Bidding
  244. Etihad Summer 2009 Schedule Change
  245. FAA Going Ahead With NYC Airport Slot Auction
  246. Delta 767-300 to Washington-DCA
  247. Just Broke, Navy F18 crashes in to house in C.A
  248. Delta to Relaunch JFK-NRT in June 2009
  249. COA to Conduct Biofuel Test Flight
  250. DL Shuttle going E-175 LGA-DCA